Top 10 Innovative Web 2 0 Applications Of 2018

Top 10 Innovative Web 2 0 Applications Of 2018

As 2018 draws to​ a​ close, I am overwhelmed by the​ amount of​ Web 2.0 startups that this year brought. There were no doubt hundreds or​ perhaps thousands of​ new services that came about following on the​ trend of​ "Web 2.0". Developers are beginning to​ create apps that are truly useful. Characteristics include more user interaction, far more efficient use of​ technologies such as​ AJAX, and​ slick design.

2018 also brought many "me too" companies. it​ seemed like every other Web 2.0 application was "The Best Social Bookmarking Site" or​ "The Best Startpage Site" or​ "Another Boring To-Do List site". My only hope is​ that this nonsense ends a​ quick death by the​ end of​ this month. I am optimistic that 2018 is​ the​ year of​ "Web 2.0 Innovation". it​ is​ the​ next logical step...and I anticipate it​ with great enthusiasm.

There have been quite a​ few "top web 2.0 companies of​ 2018" lists made in​ the​ past couple of​ weeks and​ I was sick of​ seeing the​ same high profile sites over and​ over again. Here are my picks for​ Innovative Web 2.0 companies.

To all developers: Your new years resolution should be to​ innovate, not immitate...we are counting on you!

1. TravBuddy - I like TravBuddy because it​ allows users to​ create journals of​ their journeys. the​ application mashes up with Google Maps and​ has some very cool AJAX features. This is​ a​ very cool way to​ discover and​ research destinations. Out of​ all the​ Web 2.0 apps from 2018 I am most excited about Trav Buddy growing and​ becoming a​ huge success. I love to​ travel and​ I love to​ research travel destinations. I'm tired of​ reading snippets from real people rating a​ hotel and​ even more tired of​ reading "about" sections on city websites, hotel pages, etc. This has huge potential.

2. Rollyo - Plain and​ simple, Rollyo allows you to​ create a​ search engine based on any criteria that you see fit. From digital cameras to​ triathletes, Rollyo is​ one cool way to​ gather information. the​ site is​ designed well and​ super easy to​ use. Great application!

3. TagCloud - Tag cloud is​ cool because it​ is​ loosely based on social bookmarking...and I do mean loosely. I like this site because you can through RSS feeds into it​ and​ it​ will automatically parse keywords and​ create massive "Tag Clouds". This is​ a​ very innovative way to​ keep track of​ news, blogs, etc. that you have in​ your feed reader.

4. Digg - Viva La Democratic media! Digg was one of​ this years smash successes, and​ rightly so. Users submit stories, users "digg" these stories, popular stories go to​ the​ homepage, lame stories turn to​ dust. Digg is​ the​ first site I go to​ every morning to​ find out what's new in​ tech. Rumor has it​ that Digg will be branching away from tech soon, and​ as​ long as​ they do it​ in​ a​ way that doesn't offend the​ techies...I can't wait to​ read, and​, and​

5. Yahoo Answers - Yahoo has been on a​ Web 2.0 rampage the​ past couple of​ weeks. One property that came out of​ this is​ Yahoo Anwers. the​ site allows you to​ simply ask a​ question. Then, the​ community answers you and​ users can vote which answer is​ best. This is​ one of​ those apps that might depress you for​ not thinking of​ it​ first. Want to​ know how to​ tie a​ fancy knot? Just ask and​ in​ a​ short time users will tell you! Brilliant!

6. NetWorthIQ - Wanna know how filthy rich you aren't? NetWorthIQ allows you to​ enter in​ your debts, assets, cash, etc. and​ track your net worth over time. the​ site is​ easy to​ use and​ you can even compare yourself to​ other people your age, location, education level, etc. the​ graphs are pretty and​ the​ site really sets itself apart from the​ Web 2.0 pack.

7. SideJobTrack - Here is​ a​ beautiful project management application which, at​ first glance, seems to​ be a​ site in​ a​ very a​ crowded space. it​ is​ not! SideJobTrack sets itself apart by catering to​ more of​ an​ offline enviornment. There are tons of​ useful features such as​ invoicing, estimates, reports, and​ of​ course all the​ general project management features that all the​ other applications in​ this stuffy space have. Two thumbs up for​ this company going a​ step above to​ really carve out a​ niche.

8. gChart - gChart is​ a​ very cool idea based on the​ Google Maps API. You click anywhere on the​ map and​ it​ tells you the​ time zone and​ has a​ live clock. Who said Web 2.0 had to​ be fancy? This site proves that you can take a​ simple idea and​ create a​ very useful application. I love it!

9. MooFlex - I first got a​ glimpse of​ MooFlex a​ couple months back when they produced a​ video of​ the​ admin backend. MooFlex is​ a​ content management solution that has ajax galore. I give these guys two thumbs up for​ design and​ innovation in​ the​ content management arena. They are currently in​ private beta but there is​ an​ ultra cool demo on their site.

10. GiveMeaning - " is​ a​ website for​ the​ $5 philanthropist." I like this site because it​ creates a​ community where people can help people. There are a​ lot of​ very cool opportunities to​ donate to​ causes that aren't stemmed from the​ big likes of​ Red Cross, etc. I found an​ organization that was collecting money and​ support to​ print brochures to​ educate the​ public about suicide. This is​ a​ very cool way to​ help out those in​ need and​ a​ very cool platform indeed.

There you have it​ folks. My Top 10 List of​ Innovative Web 2.0 Companies of​ 2018. Lets hope 2018 spawns a​ surge of​ innovation. I am excited about what is​ going on with internet business right now and​ I can't wait to​ see what the​ next step is.

Also, lets hope that 2018 spells the​ death of​ the​ social bookmark clones, to​ do list clones, calendar clones, startpage clones, etc. etc.

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