Top 10 Buying Tips For Buying A Car

Top 10 Buying Tips For Buying A Car

1. Money: Make sure you know what is​ your budget. Never exceed the amount you can afford. For instance if​ your income is​ 50,000$ USD, you shouldn’t spend more than 25,000$ on the car because the car will may become a​ finical problem to​ you.

2. Personal need: Ask yourself what is​ the purpose of​ the car. Decide whether you want a​ 4 door sedan or​ a​ 6 people van. Look into what class and what kind car you want. if​ the purpose of​ the car is​ just purposely transportation, then don’t look into luxurious cars such as​ Benz or​ BMW. or​ whether the car is​ for family purpose or​ personal love of​ car then you can decide whether you want a​ SUV or​ Sports Car.

3. Difference Brand: Once you decide what type of​ car you want. Look at​ different brands that has similar cars. For instance, if​ you are looking into the Lexus IS, also look into the Nissan G35, BMW 3 series, Acura TL, Cadillac CTS. You get the point. The reason why is​ because the price range from the same class can range from 30,000 to​ 45,000 which is​ a​ lot of​ money. Therefore, you should go test drive and find out exactly which car you want.

4. Buying it​ New or​ Used. After you decide what car you want. Start researching online on how much does the new car and the used car cost. Make you sure researching on many dealerships as​ well. You can save up to​ 1,000$ USD. Personally, I would like to​ buy a​ new car over a​ used car, but if​ there’s a​ good deal on used car, then you should reconsider and decide yourself.

5. Finance. Try to​ reduce the finance rate as​ low as​ possible to​ benefit you more. Try to​ look for the best plan for you and communicate with the dealer.

6. Communication with the Seller. Now this is​ the tricky part. Dealers usually jacked up the price of​ the individual car because they can make more money if​ they make sales. Therefore, to​ prevent spending extra money, you should do your homework by reaching how much your car is​ really worth and make offers to​ the dealers instead of​ them making offer to​ you.

7. Mileage. There no doubt that the price of​ gas will continue to​ go up. Therefore, it​ might be a​ good idea to​ consider how much you are willing to​ spend on gas. You want to​ find a​ good car with good mileage.

8. Insurance Cost. Different car also have different insurance rate even when they are in​ the same class. The insurance cost should definitely be a​ factor to​ consider when you are comparing with other cars.

9. Maintenance Cost. Maintenance Cost for cars also varies for different car. For instance Benz will charge over 100$ just for an​ oil change while Toyota may charge 25$.

10. Warranty. This should be the last thing you look at​ when you buy a​ car. Look at​ what the warranty covers and compare with it​ other car companies

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