Tools Women Can Use To Impress Their Auto Technician

Tools Women Can Use To Impress Their Auto Technician

Trust,​ reliability and good communication are not just key ingredients to​ a​ healthy and successful relationship with your significant other. They are also instrumental to​ a​ balanced and sound relationship with your automobile and its technician.

At some point in​ a​ vehicle's life,​ most women will have to​ take their automobile to​ a​ repair shop because it​ has,​ unfortunately,​ let them down.

AAA,​ North America's largest motoring and leisure travel organization,​ is​ helping women motorists jump-start their awareness in​ automotive maintenance with a​ checklist they can use to​ boost their car care confidence and automotive self-reliance.

"If women put off visiting an​ auto repair shop because of​ fear,​ it​ could be a​ recipe for disaster,​" said John Nielson,​ director of​ AAA's Approved Auto Repair program. "The more you know about your vehicle and how it​ operates,​ the​ better."

AAA offers the​ following tips for women:

* Become familiar with your automobile's maintenance schedule. This information is​ provided in​ the​ owner's manual of​ your vehicle.

* Don't wait for your car to​ break down to​ identify a​ repair shop. Be proactive and research where you want to​ take your vehicle when it's time to​ be serviced.

* Gather recommendations and opinions from friends and family about auto repair shops. This will help streamline the​ decision-making process.

* Check with local consumer agencies to​ identify if​ the​ repair shop in​ question has any unresolved disputes.

* Find out if​ the​ shop employs ASE certified automotive technicians that are experienced working on​ the​ type of​ car you own.

* Select an​ AAA Approved Auto Repair facility. These shops undergo an​ extensive investigation before being allowed to​ enter the​ program and AAA is​ confident that they will provide competent and professional repairs.

* Communicate your vehicle's symptoms effectively by using simple everyday language or​ demonstrating the​ problem during a​ test drive with the​ technician.

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