Tools In Running A Membership Website

Tools In Running A Membership Website

Tools in​ Running a​ Membership Website
If you are thinking about running a​ membership website you will need tools and some resources .​
Backlink tracker tool shows the​ number of​ pages linking to​ your websites filling in​ the​ URLs you want to​ monitor then moving .​
It gets you through the​ sign up steps .​
You will be able to​ check the​ account and the​ search engine optimization results .​
The website location tool lets you find where any web servers are located in​ a​ physical form and search engine submit performs a​ mass submission,​ sending your program automatically to​ 30 different search engines including to​ the​ best known at​ the​ time of​ submission .​
Google Page Rank tool,​ lets you check your website ranking or​ anyone else in​ the​ Google ranking Meta tag generator .​
Enter your sites’ description and keywords in​ the​ appropriate places and this program will generate Meta Tags for you easily .​
People can find you easier with descriptions Google ADSENSE tool that provides webmasters an​ opportunity to​ display and get paid for Google advertising .​
Google ADSENSE graphs provide easy visual access to​ your advertising results .​

Being displayed in​ graphics or​ chart form,​ you will see total earnings,​ earnings per click,​ number of​ clicks,​ earnings per impression,​ number of​ page impressions,​ earnings per day of​ the​ week and earnings by the​ month .​
Google Datacenters watch,​ checking on​ different Google datacenters,​ checking on​ positioning of​ a​ keyword and so forth .​
Free web counter and free search tool provide the​ consumer a​ search tool to​ search through your website,​ It will attract business and make navigation through your website easy for return customers.
Setting up this Easy Member Pro website is​ a​ snap to​ get going .​
The script is​ easy to​ use .​
Installation is​ a​ breeze and using their WYS/WYG page editor makes setting up your content simple .​
Key features include a​ built-in content management system; no HTML/PHP skills required .​
Automatic signups,​ renewals,​ and cancellations; Hands free operation Affiliate system; members promote your site for you .​
New members pay extra for previous months content; stop members grabbing all your information and then unsubscribing .​
Offer free memberships and then sell upgrades that are paid.
Make more money on​ the​ backend and build your subscriber list Optionally offer your new members a​ promo of​ a​ one time offer; that generates extra money,​ Accept credit cards/debt cards with a​ pay program like Paypal&2Checkout Secure password-protected member's area; so no one gets your information for free.
Changing of​ Headers and Banners,​ Footer,​ Background graphics made easy using point and click method .​
Preview your content before they go live and offer members multiple subscription terms; twelve month recurring payments or​ life time membership by payment of​ one-time Email automatically sent to​ affiliate with a​ referral or​ new member notice .​
Using the​ administration tool you can send e-mails to​ members/administration/affiliates by script to​ edit to​ make it​ your own.
Forgot Password link to​ get your password if​ it​ is​ forgotten,​ Send e-mail or​ bulletins to​ all members and affiliates anytime .​
Administration tool makes editing,​ adding,​ or​ searching members a​ breeze .​
Setting up promotional tool for members and affiliates include pre-written emails,​ email subject lines and graphics .​
To get a​ snippet of​ your website on​ an​ affiliates it​ includes graphics to​ cut and paste to​ other web sites for extra exposure .​
Members and affiliates that have done referrals offer other members views of​ their statistics any time in​ their member's area .​
Pay your affiliates by Paypal mass pay or​ print the​ spreadsheet for check payment .​
Offer your members and affiliates a​ percentage of​ each sale or​ a​ fixed rate per sale.

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