Too Tired To Enjoy Your Vacation

Too Tired To Enjoy Your Vacation

Perhaps jet lag is​ the​ culprit. Crossing time zones while you travel is​ just one of​ the​ causes. Some advance knowledge and preparation can result in​ a​ more enjoyable trip.


* Crossing two or​ more time zones: This is​ worse on​ eastbound flights because you have to​ adjust to​ an​ earlier schedule.

* Lack of​ sleep before you travel.

* Physical exhaustion from doing too much too quickly just before you leave.

* Dehydration: Aircraft air is​ very dry. Drink plenty of​ water (not soda,​ coffee or​ tea). Some people take their own bottled water with them.

* Disruption of​ the​ body's normal wake/sleep schedule (circadian rhythm).

* Alcohol consumption: Alcohol contributes to​ dehydration. at​ altitude,​ affects of​ alcohol are magnified several times.

* Stale air: Aircraft air is​ not as​ oxygenated as​ outside air. it​ also contains odors and minute particles emanating from passengers,​ crew,​ luggage and the​ aircraft.

* Inactivity and lack of​ exercise.

* Climate change.


* Slow reflexes - especially dangerous while driving

* Sluggish thought processes - resulting in​ poor decisions

* Sleep disturbances

* Poor appetite

* Headaches

* Sinus irritation

* Gastrointestinal upset caused by unfamiliar food and water

* Fatigue

* Anxiety

* Disorientation

* Irritability

* Swollen extremities (especially feet and lower legs)

* Sweating


* Acclimate yourself before you leave. if​ practical and possible,​ schedule your alarm clock and meals for the​ new time zone a​ day or​ two ahead of​ time.

* Don't leave all your packing until the​ last minute.

* Make sure you get a​ good night's sleep before your departure.

* Choose appropriate flights so that you can arrive well in​ advance for activities like business meetings. Aim for daytime flying (in both directions).

* Set your watch to​ the​ new time zone as​ soon as​ you board the​ plane.

* Stay on​ schedule with medications.

* Drink plenty of​ bottled (not local) water.

* Avoid salad or​ foods that may have been rinsed in​ local water. This will help to​ prevent diarrhea - which can contribute to​ dehydration.

* Get up and move around instead of​ sitting in​ your seat for long periods of​ time.

* Wear shoes a​ half size larger to​ accommodate swelling feet.

* Once you arrive,​ don't spend all day cooped up indoors. Get out in​ the​ sun and fresh air.

* Take a​ hot shower before going to​ bed. This helps to​ retune your body's circadian temperature rhythm. the​ drop in​ temperature after you get out of​ the​ shower will make you start to​ feel drowsy.

* Schedule appointments when you are most likely to​ be rested.


* Recovery time,​ as​ a​ rule of​ thumb,​ takes about one day per time zone crossed.

* Some people are more adaptable than others and exhibit very few jet lag symptoms. Children almost always fare better than adults.

* the​ more 'laid back' you are about schedules and daily routines,​ the​ more likely you are to​ cope well with jet lag.

With a​ little advance planning,​ your next plane trip could be the​ best ever!

Too Tired To Enjoy Your Vacation

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