Too Many Reasons To Love Shopping

Too Many Reasons To Love Shopping

Most women, although not all, love shopping. I'd be lying if​ I did not place myself in​ the​ category of​ women who love almost nothing more than a​ great day or​ two of​ shopping. There are too many great things about shopping for​ me to​ ever stop liking it​ so much.

For me, one of​ the​ biggest reasons I love shopping is​ because of​ how relaxing it​ is. We all know how busy days become busy weeks that become busy months, and​ once in​ a​ while I like to​ get away from it​ all by spending an​ afternoon shopping. Shopping allows me to​ unwind and​ to​ take my mind off all of​ the​ more serious things that are happening in​ life. I can just wander through stores and​ think about the​ color of​ shirt or​ shoes I am looking for. of​ course, living in​ this sort of​ dream world would not be healthy all of​ the​ time, but once in​ a​ while I think it​ is​ healthy to​ escape. Shopping is​ definitely my preferred method of​ escape.

Another thing I love about shopping is​ that it​ is​ exciting almost all of​ the​ time. I can set out on a​ shopping trip with one item in​ mind and​ end up discovering several other items that I hadn't thought to​ buy before. I rarely if​ ever wander into a​ store without being pleasantly surprised by at​ least one item that they have for​ sale. Shopping is​ as​ exciting for​ me as​ watching basketball is​ to​ my husband. I just cannot get enough of​ it.

Shopping is​ a​ great way for​ me to​ connect with friends that I do not often see. Because all of​ my girlfriends have a​ love for​ shopping in​ common, shopping becomes a​ great way for​ us to​ spend some time together after weeks or​ months apart. I love that I can go shopping for​ endless hours with my girlfriends without getting bored. it​ is​ fun to​ shop with people that have unique tastes. I find myself learning from the​ style of​ my friends and​ I gather new ideas for​ future shopping every time I am with them. Shopping provides us with enough time to​ share great conversation as​ well. We never let shopping rush us or​ distract us from being together, we just shop as​ we reconnect.

And of​ course, I must mention that I love shopping because I find great things to​ wear, to​ give away, and​ to​ decorate my home with whenever I shop. I love to​ replace old things with new things and​ to​ update my style every so often.

It's official: I, like most women, love shopping. I'm quite sure that it​ will never be any other way.

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