Toilet Bowl Mop And Toilet Bowl Brush Information.

When you think about it, toilets are pretty gross. Public toilets can be used up to​ 100 times a​ day, that means 100 people are using them. it​ is​ said that whenever a​ toilet is​ flushed it​ releases over 5000 bacteria into the air. So, when you walk into a​ public restroom that is​ well frequented, there can be up to​ half a​ million bacteria or​ virus particles in​ the air. Those bacteria can land on handles, sinks, faucets and even the paper towels that you use to​ wipe your hands after you have washed them. You can use all the antimicrobial soap in​ the world but it​ won't do you any good if​ your smearing those dirty germs, bacteria and viruses onto your hands after you have used the soap. if​ you walk into a​ public restroom and it​ doesn't look clean my advice is​ to​ walk straight out. if​ it​ looks dirty to​ your eyes imagine how it​ would look under a​ microscope. One of​ the dirtiest places in​ a​ bathroom is​ the toilet but a​ toilet can be kept clean very easily with regular maintenance. if​ you want to​ try an​ experiment don't clean your toilet for 4 weeks and see what happens. Slowly right above the waterline a​ black or​ brownish ring will form. if​ you let your toilet go a​ little longer before cleaning, that black ring will slowly start to​ climb in​ vertical lines toward the toilet rim (by the way, that ring is​ about 6 inches from your behind whenever you sit down on your toilet). What is​ that black ring? The nasty black ring is​ bacteria and micro fecal buildup. a​ pretty nasty combination when you consider every time you flush your toilet your breathing them in.

There are many things you can do to​ avoid the nasty black ring on your toilet. The first is​ to​ use a​ low acid toilet bowl cleaner to​ kill the bacteria. The second is​ to​ get your self a​ really good toilet bowl brush or​ toilet bowl mop to​ scrub that acid around in​ the toilet and remove those ugly stains.

Toilet bowl brushes come in​ many styles but most are made from a​ material called polypropylene. Polypropylene won't mold and can stand up to​ heat and chemicals. Polypropylene strands are abrasive and can do a​ great job at​ removing the nasty toilet ring. The two main styles of​ toilet bowl cleaning utensils are the toilet bowl mops and toilet bowl brushes. a​ toilet bowl brush resembles a​ brush and has a​ wide stiff polypropylene bristle. Brushes tend to​ last a​ lot longer that toilet bowl mops because the bristle is​ larger and does not break away from the toilet bowl brush handle. Toilet bowl mops are meant to​ be discarded after repeated use and are considered by most to​ be a​ disposable toilet cleaning product. Toilet bowl mops have a​ ball of​ polypropylene strands massed at​ one end to​ form a​ light duty scouring surface. Over time the strands tend to​ break off and the mop should be discarded. Toilet bowl mops are usually a​ quarter of​ the price of​ toilet bowl brushes and most are have a​ plastic handle.

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