To Darn Many Ways To Make Money

To Darn Many Ways To Make Money

Affiliate Marketing,​ Google Ad Words,​ Google Ad Sense,​ Network Marketing,​ Niche Marketing,​ Direct Mail,​ Real Estate,​ Stock Market Investing,​ Direct Marketing,​ the​ 4X Market,​ High Yield Investment Programs,​ Direct Sales,​ EBay and Online Auctions,​ Information Marketing……………the list goes on​ and on​ and on​ and on.

Where do you start?

What do you do?

Here is​ a​ story that you may relate with and hopefully provide a​ couple of​ ah ha moments. About 3 years ago I was speaking at​ an​ Internet Marketing Conference in​ Orlando,​ Florida. On the​ front row was a​ bright eyed enthusiastic young man in​ his twenties named Rob.

I was one of​ the​ first speakers at​ the​ event and my topic was “How to​ Create a​ $5,​000+ Monthly Income with EBay and Online Auctions”. I could tell during my presentation that Rob was getting excited about the​ possibilities of​ making money with EBay & creating cash flow with online auctions.

When my presentation was over several attendees went to​ the​ back of​ the​ room to​ invest in​ one of​ my training programs. Rob was the​ first in​ line. I discovered later that Rob had invested in​ my Deluxe $1,​500.00 How to​ make money with EBay package which included 8 hours of​ 1 on​ 1 training and coaching along with the​ DVD’s CD’s and manual.

I noticed throughout the​ weekend that Rob invested in​ 3 or​ 4 other programs during the​ seminar. I thought to​ myself,​ this is​ good. He is​ a​ newbie and he is​ going to​ try to​ find the​ right cash generating program for himself. I had the​ opportunity to​ visit with Rob briefly towards the​ end of​ the​ weekend,​ and sure enough he had inherited about $10,​000 recently and decided to​ invest that money into a​ financial vehicle that would get him out of​ his dead end job working for the​ airlines.

I reminded him to​ contact our office to​ schedule his first 1-on-1 coaching session and encouraged him that online auctions can be used as​ a​ marketing division with whatever business he choose,​ even if​ he didn’t want to​ do auctions as​ a​ stand alone business. This concept is​ discussed at​

Six weeks later,​ I was reviewing my client list and going through some records and I realized that Rob had never called our office to​ schedule his first one-on-one session which he had already paid for. I rarely do this,​ but I decided to​ pick up the​ phone and check in​ with Rob.

He told me that he had marked in​ his day timer to​ call me that week. He then went on​ to​ share with me three or​ four businesses that he had unsuccessfully tried over the​ past 6 weeks that had not made him a​ penny. This was a​ clue,​ that this gentleman definitely had unrealistic expectations and I made a​ mental note to​ discuss this during our first telephone consulting session,​ which we​ had scheduled for a​ week later.

Over the​ next 5 weeks Rob and I met on​ the​ phone once a​ week. My goal was to​ teach him how to​ make money on​ EBay and become a​ full time entrepreneur He got 20 items from his closet and garage on​ EBay during the​ first week and sold 16,​ which is​ statistically above average.

His second week using some techniques we​ taught he put $301.00 cash in​ his pocket. the​ fourth week almost $500.00 more and he jumped over the​ $500 mark his 6th week earning $711.00. at​ this point Rob was well on​ his way to​ creating a​ full time income successfully selling on​ EBay,​ and I knew it​ was just a​ matter of​ weeks until he would be able to​ submit his resignation to​ the​ airlines.

His sixth week,​ he didn’t call in​ for his scheduled training session. I assumed that something had come up and was confident that he would be calling to​ reschedule. at​ this point I certainly wasn’t going to​ beg him to​ continue his “self education”.

Three years go buy and I never heard from Rob again,​ until about 2 ½ weeks ago. the​ phone rang at​ our office and my assistant told me there is​ someone named Rob XXXX on​ the​ line. I thought to​ myself Rob XXXX,​ I know that name,​ how do I know that name?
(I use XXXX to​ protect the​ guilty,​ but I will personally be sending him a​ copy of​ this article)

I took the​ call,​ and as​ soon as​ I heard his voice everything came back to​ me. Rob,​ what happened to​ you? I responded. I will never forget his response. “Well you know what the​ problem is​ Mr. Calvert,​ there are just too darn many ways to​ make money” He went on​ to​ tell me that he still had his crummy job at​ the​ airlines,​ and all he had been doing for the​ past 3 years was basically spinning his wheels,​ trying one entrepreneur enterprise after another.

He said he made the​ most progress during the​ short 6 weeks we​ spent together learning how to​ make money on​ EBay and he was ready to​ pay me my consulting and coaching fee to​ get him back on​ track and his income to​ $3,​500 a​ month with online auctions so he could quit his job.

I see this epidemic everywhere I go. Would be full time,​ home based,​ entrepreneurs that are suffering from information over load. They are a​ jack of​ all money making methods and a​ master of​ none!

Is this you?

I have to​ admit,​ at​ one time that was me. I became so fascinated with the​ Internet and the​ possibilities that I spent hours upon hours studying different systems and implementing few or​ none of​ those systems.

Here is​ what I have discovered.

Choose the​ strategy & systems very carefully.

You must ask yourself,​ am I looking for short term or​ long term cash flow?

Is this a​ system that I want to​ run for a​ long time or​ short time?

What are the​ realistic income possibilities for this project? This is​ a​ very important question. One of​ the​ best quotes I have heard over the​ years is​ “You have to​ say no to​ a​ lot of​ good projects to​ make certain you have time for the​ great ones”

Once you decide on​ a​ project,​ you must STAY WITH IT,​ until you are profitable!

Always remember that the​ problem is​ not the​ project or​ the​ system. if​ other people are making it​ work,​ so can you. the​ real problem is​ always in​ the​ mirror.

The best money you can spend is​ on​ one-on-one coaching from a​ mentor who knows what they are doing. These type of​ coaches can take years off of​ your learning curve,​ and will pay you back 100 times what you invest in​ their knowledge and expertise.

I personally do consulting with people in​ three our four niche markets. I also personally pay a​ coach in​ another market I am in​ the​ process of​ mastering. I am always amazed that most of​ the​ time the​ people that hire me to​ coach or​ consult with them are already full time entrepreneurs earning strong six figure incomes. Yet the​ newbie will spend $97.00 over and over for the​ latest eBooks on​ the​ newest hot trend and never even consider hiring a​ coach. Listen,​ even Tiger Woods needs a​ coach!

Once you start a​ project,​ STAY WITH IT,​ until it​ is​ profitable.

Think BIG! Once you have a​ project that is​ working,​ ask yourself,​ how can I duplicate this?

I recently had a​ lady from Utah call me and wanted to​ hire me to​ consult with her one on​ one to​ teach here how to​ make money with EBay & get her business started and profitable. She was very discouraged because she had spent the​ last six months focusing on​ how to​ create a​ website designed to​ create income from Adsense. After she got her “self education”,​ she built her site in​ less than 3 hours. She said she had finally figured out the​ formula after spending almost $2,​ 0000 on​ books and courses,​ but last month she only averaged about $5.00 a​ day from her sight.

My response,​ “You don’t need me,​ you need 999 more websites”. This ladies problem was she wasn’t thinking big enough and she wasn’t thinking duplication. I told her after she had 1,​000 websites each earning her $5.00 a​ day ($5,​000 a​ day total) She could call me if​ she wanted and I could help her get to​ $5,​000 a​ month in​ profit with EBay and online auctions. She thanked me for the​ paradigm shift and hopefully I will never hear from her again until we​ are speaking together at​ a​ seminar somewhere.

Is it​ time for you to​ quit spinning your wheels and get focused on​ exactly what systems and cash generating programs you want to​ master? a​ free book entitled the​ Top 6 Cash flow Systems for 2006 might help you,​ and you can get your copy at​

After you decided,​ get some coaching,​ get profitable & duplicate!

To Darn Many Ways To Make Money

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