Tips To Making Your Own Web Site For Free

Tips To Making Your Own Web Site For Free

Website making is​ something that does not happen overnight. it​ needs lots of​ planning, research and​ good layout and​ design before starting to​ build the​ site. Previously, it​ was required to​ learn HTML (hypertext markup language) to​ make your website. However nowadays, there are so many options on the​ website to​ create free web pages, that this is​ not necessary.

You can create your own web pages using a​ WYSIWG (What You See is​ What You Get) editor like Microsoft’s Front Page. With this software, you can write your web page like you would any document and​ then drag and​ drop images easily. Some practice may be needed, but by buying some templates, you can cerate a​ professional website for​ free.

If you don’t intend to​ hire a​ person for​ the​ graphic designing of​ the​ website, you can do it​ on your own. You can make your website colorful by either designing the​ graphics on your own or​ by using some of​ the​ free templates found on the​ Internet. You just have to​ download these templates, and​ then use them on your free web pages. You can also find lots of​ free software to​ help you in​ graphical designing on your website.

The next step in​ creating a​ free website lies in​ registering your own domain name, rather than building a​ site from the​ various free hosts available. This is​ because with a​ free host, you don’t have that much freedom in​ building and​ designing your free web pages. Moreover, you have to​ put up with the​ annoying pop-ups and​ banner-ads. So you will have to​ find a​ company to​ store your files on the​ Internet. This web host will have to​ be paid monthly for​ its service.

Once the​ web host and​ the​ domain have been chosen, it​ is​ important for​ you to​ do some research for​ unique content to​ place on your free web pages. if​ there is​ any article matter that you need for​ your website, you can get hundreds of​ free articles on the​ Internet on various topics. Using these free articles, you can very much create your own web pages. the​ more interesting the​ articles and​ their headings are, the​ more visitors you will have to​ your website. Once you have got the​ web host, domain, text matter and​ graphical matter for​ your website, you have completed the​ process of​ creating your own web pages for​ your website.

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