Tips To Beat The Heat And Have Fun During Your Disney World Summer Vacation

Tips To Beat The Heat And Have Fun During Your Disney World Summer

Are you planning a​ fun-filled Walt Disney World summer vacation but need some tips on​ how to​ deal with the​ hot weather? Here are some tips to​ get you cooler,​ keep you safe,​ and have fun:

- Get up and going early with a​ surfing lesson at​ Typhoon Lagoon with the​ Cocoa Beach Surfing School. You can surf in​ the​ wave pool before the​ park opens every weekday (except Wednesdays).

- Visit one of​ Disney World's water parks and just spend all day splashing around. You can go to​ Typhoon Lagoon where you can ride some of​ the​ tallest 'man-made' waves on​ earth,​ or​ you can try your luck at​ Blizzard Beach with its exciting,​ rushing water and water slides fit for a​ true daredevil.

- Try your hand at​ para sailing,​ tubing,​ water skiing,​ and more water sports courtesy of​ Sammy Duval Water Sports at​ the​ Contemporary Resort.

- Take a​ ride in​ the​ Himalayan mountains. I spend half a​ hot July summer day at​ this ride to​ cool off. You ride on​ rail cars at​ Expedition Everest at​ Animal Kingdom. the​ rail cars rock you back and forth,​ taking you swooping into twists and turns in​ and out of​ the​ mountain. And you'll be in​ for quite a​ surprise at​ the​ end!

- There's plenty to​ do at​ Downtown Disney World. Luckily for you,​ that includes air-conditioned activities. Go inside the​ various shops and restaurants. You can get souvenirs at​ the​ biggest Disney store of​ them all,​ World of​ Disney... and unlike the​ indoor rides,​ you won't have to​ stand in​ a​ long line waiting to​ get relief.

- And last but not least,​ spend day poolside at​ one of​ Disney World's resort hotels.

Here are some things you can do to​ keep cool and keep yourself safe from the​ heat while waiting for rides and walking around in​ the​ park:

- Wear light-colored,​ lightweight,​ loose clothing.

- Try to​ have one of​ those battery-operated,​ hand-held fans you can wear around your neck. Every little bit of​ cool air helps.

- Don't just drink water. Drink some Gatorade or​ Powerade to​ keep your electrolyte level in​ balance.

- Try going on​ the​ rides early in​ the​ day,​ before the​ sun is​ at​ its highest point,​ then switch to​ indoor or​ water activities.

Having fun and being safe while staying cool at​ Disney World takes a​ little planning and a​ willingness to​ try something new. There's plenty to​ do so there's no reason why you have to​ suffer misery in​ the​ heat just to​ try and have a​ little fun. Good luck planning your vacation and have a​ great time by beating the​ heat!

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