Tips On Saving Money

Tips On Saving Money

Tips On Saving Money
Do you always worry about money? Are you always playing catch up with your bills? Here are some tips on​ saving money in​ case you are one of​ the​ millions of​ Americans who are struggling with some type of​ debt:
Pay your credit card balances in​ full each month.
Do not use credit card for things like groceries or​ dining .​
If you cannot afford to​ pay cash for it,​ you can’t afford it,​ period.
Always review your credit card monthly statement to​ make sure charges you never make do not appear.
Do business with a​ bank that does not charge monthly services fee.
Use only ATM machines that are affiliate with your bank.
Review your medical coverage and auto insurance policy.
Shop around for cheaper rates and see if​ you can save money by getting higher deductibles.
Do major comparison shop and only buy when you have found the​ lowest price possible for that item.
Clip coupons.
Take advantage of​ rebates or​ shop at​ store that offer instant rebates.
Go to​ discount stores for toys and clothes.
Eliminate impulsive purchases by sleeping on​ it .​
Especially when buying clothes or​ any major purchase.
Garage sales are also know to​ be a​ good choice on​ certain items you need.
Cancel call waiting,​ caller ID,​ and three way calling from your telephone.
Shop around for the​ best long distance carrier.
Use phone cards to​ call international or​ long distance.
Use your cell phone only for emergencies.
Cut down your water use,​ especially hot water.
Lower your thermostat by 1 or​ 2 degrees.
Add ceiling fens.
Buy you soft drinks by the​ 12 pack instead of​ vending machines or​ fast food drinks .​
That will save you a​ lot and you’ll also avoid the​ bacteria.
Brew you own coffee instead of​ going to​ a​ fancy coffee house.
Avoid eating out .​
Put the​ money in​ a​ fund for saved money or​ apply that to​ a​ bill.
When eating out order water instead of​ drinks .​
When you are free of​ debt you can celebrate.
Don’t subscribe to​ cable channels you don’t watch .​
Stick to​ the​ basic plan or​ cut out the​ cable for a​ while.
Rent videos instead of​ going to​ the​ theater or,​ if​ you must,​ go to​ the​ matinee instead of​ evening showings.
Check out DVD or​ VHS movies from the​ library .​
It’s free.

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