Tips On Frontpage Web Site Hosting For You

FrontPage is​ one of​ the​ most common web design software. This software will help you to​ create small web sites without learning HTML. the​ only thing you have to​ do is​ to​ design a​ layout and​ FrontPage will automatically make the​ coding for​ you. After finishing the​ site, you can instantly transfer the​ site to​ a​ server by clicking the​ button "Publish site". However, before publishing a​ FrontPage site, you need to​ find FrontPage web site hosting.

First, you should find a​ server with Microsoft FrontPage, available to​ potential customers. Depending on the​ web hosting company, you may find a​ plan with other scripting languages included, like PHP, CGI and​ ASP. for​ some extra money, you may gain access to​ MySQL or​ Access databases. in​ addition, FrontPage web site hosting servers give access to​ customers to​ modify their sites with a​ set of​ programs that contain many useful tools. With just a​ few clicks, customers can make changes in​ all their pages, simultaneously.

FrontPage web site hosting advantages

On FrontPage web site hosting servers you can find thousands of​ java scripts, images, templates and​ ready to​ run solutions. You can add and​ position images in​ your pages with drag and​ drop technique and​ you can format the​ text without learning cascading style sheets. All these things can save you lot of​ time if​ you are a​ beginner in​ web design.

FrontPage package has also included Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting. This means that you can add lots of​ ready to​ run vb-scripts to​ your site, without knowing how they were created. Another useful tool is​ the​ online coding. On the​ UNIX servers, you can change the​ files of​ your site only on your PC, and​ then you upload them on server. Nevertheless, on FrontPage web site hosting servers you can edit the​ files directly by coding in​ a​ window. After you finish editing the​ files, you may browse them in​ Design View, simulation different screen resolution or​ browsers.

Disadvantages of​ the​ FrontPage web site hosting

FrontPage web site hosting includes lots of​ useful tool for​ webmasters. However, after you create a​ site using these tools you will not be able to​ move your site on other type of​ server, unless you start coding all your pages. Servers with FrontPage, have Microsoft Windows as​ operating system, while more then 95 percent of​ web hosting servers use UNIX. This will make harder to​ install additional modules to​ your site if​ they were not design for​ Windows.

Even if​ you host your site on a​ server with Microsoft FrontPage installed, you may need to​ manually code your pages in​ order to​ make them accessible in​ other browsers like Fire Fox, Opera, Netscape, etc. Anyway, 90 percent of​ the​ visitors use Internet Explorer, so this problem will not affect very much your daily traffic.

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