Tips On Buying Your First Set Of Golf Clubs

Tips On Buying Your First Set Of Golf Clubs

Before buying your very first set of​ golf clubs, keep these important ideas and tips in​ mind.

First, try to​ understand how often you will be playing the game. if​ your only intention is​ to​ play a​ couple of​ times a​ year in​ the company scramble or​ better ball, then it​ is​ probably best to​ stick with a​ cheaper set of​ golf clubs, rather than spending a​ ton of​ cash on a​ brand new set of​ clubs. But if​ you've tried the game and enjoy it​ and feel that you want to​ take it​ up more often you should do a​ little research and determine which golf clubs are best for you.

Your level of​ interest, dedication, time and of​ course cash flow are important factors in​ how many times you'll be getting out on the golf course. if​ you're not sure what these levels are, then you should probably look for a​ cheaper set of​ clubs or​ even some second-hand clubs. They will work out the best for a​ new player who is​ testing out their enjoyment in​ the world of​ golf. if​ your interest continues to​ grow, you can always buy a​ new set of​ clubs down the road and by then you would probably have a​ better understanding of​ your game and commitment.

If at​ first you are not sure what type of​ clubs you should buy, then you can ask and see what other people or​ friends who have some understanding of​ the game think will suit you best. Try asking the friends who like to​ play golf and who have probably been with you on your first or​ second outing. They would be able to​ point you in​ the right direction, especially if​ they've seen you play. or​ ask at​ your local pro shop and see what they would recommend for you. Asking people who play the game is​ the best way to​ get ideas for which set of​ golf clubs could be the best fit for you.

Once you narrow down the search you can always test drive the golf clubs at​ your local dealer to​ get a​ feel for what you're buying and to​ see if​ they are the best possible clubs for your swing and the level of​ player you are. Two tips I feel are important for anyone looking to​ buy a​ beginner set of​ golf clubs is; look for perimeter weighted golf clubs instead of​ forged blades this will help with forgiveness on off center shots and help you enjoy the game. Also try and pick up graphite shafts instead of​ steel shafts, this will limit the amount of​ feedback or​ vibrations on shots you miss hit and also help you enjoy the game more. Once you have your swing and are comfortable enough to​ know what you want and see an​ improvement in​ your game, then see about some higher end clubs.

After you make your decision, check out a​ few discount dealers, pro shops or​ even some local garage sales. You can get a​ decent set of​ new starter golf clubs for $200 or​ $300 from a​ discount golf shop or​ maybe a​ better set of​ clubs for a​ lot less from someone's garage. Heck they might even throw in​ a​ golf bag and some golfing accessories you'll probably need.

Finally and most importantly, enjoy the game and the score will come!

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