Tips On Buying Memory Foam Mattresses

Tips On Buying Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattreseses, which are otherwise known as​ viscoelastic foam mattresses, have made a​ leap in​ the world of​ sleep quality. if​ you're looking for optimal comfort, pressure relieving qualities, durability and a​ great night's sleep night after night, memory foam mattresses may very well be the way to​ go for you. There are however many things to​ consider if​ you are planning to​ make a​ purchase on a​ top quality sleep system to​ guarantee your satisfied with your new product. For that reason, we have gathered information which may come in​ useful.

Memory foam has been around for a​ while now, and for a​ long time, Tempurpedic was the sole manufacturer of​ its type. Over the years, many other companies decided to​ make their own version of​ the memory foam mattress, and this competition forced prices to​ come down, making memory foam mattresses much more affordable. However, if​ you are looking for a​ top quality product, you can still expect to​ pay a​ fairly high price. Other companies manufacturing memory foam mattresses include Sealy, Simmons, Dormia and Sleep Aids. Although Tempurpedic puts out an​ excellent product, and guarantees your satisfaction, you can't really go wrong, but they are not cheap. There are less expensive options for you to​ choose from, But be very careful and do your research before you invest in​ a​ mattress that won't live up to​ your expectations.

Not all memory foam mattresses are made the same, for instance, there are several different levels of​ memory foam density. Generally, the higher the density, the higher you can expect to​ pay. The products you will usually find range from 2.5lb density to​ 5lb density. The density is​ how much one cubic foot of​ the foam weighs, and the higher the density, the firmer the foam. You should avoid any foam having a​ density less than 3.5 if​ you would like a​ quality product. Be very careful of​ low advertised prices, as​ they may be either defective, bad pours of​ foam, low quality and run the risk of​ not being durable. 5lb density foam may be too firm for some, and just perfect for others, so the best way to​ get what you want is​ to​ try them out yourself, ask plenty of​ questions pertaining to​ foam quality and durability.

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