Tips For Your Iphone Camera

Tips For Your Iphone Camera

Tips for​ Your iPhone Camera
There are many reasons why individuals buy the​ Apple iPhone .​
Whether you want to​ streamline your portable electronic devices, or​ if​ you want to​ have a​ convenient way to​ stay connected to​ your friends, family and​ business contacts, no matter why you have purchased the​ iPhone, you will find a​ way to​ make it​ perfect for​ you .​
However, one of​ the​ greatest features about the​ iPhone is​ the​ 2.0 Megapixel camera that is​ attached to​ the​ phone.
Unlike other cell phone camera, the​ iPhone camera actually takes decent photos that are perfect for​ your MySpace page .​
Yet, there are several tips to​ taking great pictures with your iPhone camera, and​ if​ you apply these tips to​ your iPhone than you will be able to​ take beautiful pictures with your cell phone .​
The first tip that you need to​ remember about your iPhone camera concerns how it​ actually takes pictures .​
if​ you have tried to​ take photos with your iPhone, than you may have noticed something was slightly off .​
Unlike traditional digital cameras that have a​ two stage process to​ taking a​ photograph, the​ iPhone features a​ one-stage process .​
Also, unlike traditional digital cameras that take the​ photo once you press the​ shutter button, the​ iPhone has a​ much different process .​
When you press the​ shutter button of​ the​ iPhone, nothing happens, however, it​ is​ when you release the​ shutter button that the​ iPhone takes the​ photo .​
This has resulted in​ many photo's being slightly off timing because the​ users are not used to​ how this camera actually takes photos .​

A great tip for​ taking a​ photograph with your iPhone is​ to​ press the​ shutter button, and​ then set up your shot .​
After you are satisfied with what you are seeing, than you can release the​ shutter button to​ take the​ photograph .​
Following this tip will allow you to​ take better composed photographs, as​ well as​ pictures that are properly timed .​
the​ next tip for​ your iPhone camera is​ how you set up your contact list .​
This tip is​ really fun and​ will make your contact list hilarious for​ you and​ everyone around you .​
When you take photos of​ your contacts, you can set them to​ where they will appear when they call you .​
a​ great way to​ have fun with this feature is​ to​ place your friends on one side of​ a​ glass screen and​ then place yourself on the​ other side.
Make your friend press their face up against the​ glass while you take the​ photo .​
This will serve as​ an​ optical illusion, and​ when they call you it​ will look as​ if​ they are trapped within your iPhone .​
if​ you are looking for​ a​ fun way to​ express yourself, and​ to​ just have a​ great time with friends, set up your contact list this way .​
the​ iPhone has many different tips and​ tricks within it, however, the​ key is​ to​ simply experiment with these tips to​ make them work for​ you .​
Perhaps the​ greatest aspect about the​ iPhone is​ the​ fact that it​ gives users the​ ability to​ customize and​ create a​ phone environment that is​ solely their own .​

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