Tips For What To Bring While Vacation Hiking And Walking

Tips For What To Bring While Vacation Hiking And Walking

Here are some suggestions for your walking - hiking vacation equipment. This is​ not intended as​ a​ complete list,​ just a​ guide to​ get you thinking.

The most important item to​ bring is​ a​ quality comfortable daypack or​ backpack to​ carry your goodies in. There are few things to​ keep in​ mind when choosing the​ right pack. Wider shoulder straps are more comfortable than narrow ones. Look for extra padding. These two things can save you a​ good deal of​ discomfort.

You can also look for packs that have an​ attached belt that goes around the​ waist. This can help tremendously to​ support the​ weight of​ the​ pack.

Make sure you get a​ pack that is​ big enough to​ carry the​ items you have chosen to​ bring. This will vary from person to​ person so try to​ plan ahead before you purchase your day/back pack.

Look for a​ pack with quality material that will hold the​ shape. Multiple compartments can be useful for finding things quickly.

If on​ a​ guided tour,​ keep in​ mind that the​ company will probably be moving the​ big baggage for you.

Water is​ not an​ optional item. You should carry enough water to​ last for the​ whole duration of​ your walk. Unfortunately water is​ fairly heavy and bulky. This is​ another reason to​ get a​ quality comfortable pack that has room enough to​ hold your water bottles.

The Food that you bring will depend on​ your individual tastes and the​ nature of​ the​ walk you are planning. High energy snack foods are popular because they are light and carry well in​ the​ pack. Others are salty foods,​ trail mix,​ hard candy and electrolyte powder or​ drink.

When it​ comes to​ clothing - be prepared for anything.

The key is​ layers so that you can adjust easily to​ changes in​ weather and temperature. For the​ inner layer,​ avoid cotton as​ it​ absorbs moisture thereby keeping it​ close to​ your body. Best are man-made "poly" type fibers. These will wick moisture away from the​ body.

This includes your socks. a​ thin inner poly layer can be covered with a​ thicker layer of​ another material for cushioning.

The outermost layer should be wind resistant and don't forget a​ raincoat. if​ you are properly prepared walk in​ the​ rain can be a​ wonderful experience.

Make one of​ your optional layers a​ heavy wool sweater along with warm wool hat. These can be extremely useful when "sunny and cool" suddenly turns to​ "cloudy,​ damp,​ and cold".

You can never count on​ fair weather. Plan for the​ worst. But don't let a​ little bad weather discourage you. Think of​ it​ as​ "atmosphere". a​ little wind and rain will make the​ next pub stop that much cozier.

Invest in​ a​ good pair walking,​ running or​ hiking shoes that do not bind either at​ the​ toes or​ on​ the​ sides. Be sure to​ break them in​ before using them on​ the​ extended distances.

A hat,​ preferably with a​ wide brim,​ will help keep you cool and protect you from the​ sun. a​ bandana is​ good head protection and is​ an​ all around useful item to​ have.

Sunglasses with polarized lenses are essential eye protection.

For skin protection you will need +30PF or​ higher sunscreen.

Walking Stick

Moleskin or​ molefoam for blisters

Insect repellent


First-aid kit

Flashlight (make sure the​ batteries are fresh)

Camera,​ film

Notebook and pen





Electrical outlet converter (depending where you travel)

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