Tips For Vacationing On A Budget

Tips For Vacationing On A Budget

Looking for some vacation money saving ideas? There’s nothing wrong with vacationing on​ a​ budget. Hey,​ we​ all can’t travel like the​ rich and famous.

You save all year to​ get the​ money for a​ well earned vacation. You want to​ stretch your vacation budget but still enjoy yourself. Sounds like a​ good plan. to​ help you out I’ve together some vacation money saving ideas that I hope you will find useful.

If you have a​ particular destination in​ mind it​ pays to​ plan ahead. Research the​ attractions and facilities. Find out what specials or​ discounts they may have going. Look for other things to​ do or​ see nearby so that you can make good use of​ your time and cut down on​ the​ running from place to​ place.

Plan your vacation for the​ off season. You can usually get better deals on​ lots of​ things like plane tickets,​ hotels,​ car rentals,​ cruises and lots of​ other things.

If you have friends or​ relatives nearby your destination consider asking them if​ you can stay with them. Don’t be a​ freeloader though. Even though you help pay for the​ groceries and other expenses your host incurs,​ it’s still a​ good vacation money saving idea.

If you are flying try to​ plan your trip for when tickets are traditionally cheapest. That would be Feb thru May and September thru December (except the​ week before Thanksgiving and the​ two week period before Christmas). Try to​ avoid flying on​ Friday afternoons as​ this is​ often the​ busiest time of​ the​ week for airlines.

Meals can be expensive at​ restaurants so you can save some money by packing food for the​ road.

When eating out try to​ avoid the​ places that obviously cater to​ tourists. Find out where the​ locals eat. Ask around. the​ smaller family owned places usually have better food at​ better prices. You may have to​ go a​ little out of​ your way but it​ is​ usually worth it​ for some vacation money savings.

Hotels are typically more expensive the​ closer you get to​ a​ major attraction. With a​ little planning you can find a​ good balance between price and distance.

When picking hotels don’t just go by the​ ratings. Compare the​ amenities they offer. Often you will find that you really don’t need everything offered by that 4 star hotel and you can do very nicely at​ the​ 3 star…with a​ better price!

Consider buying or​ renting an​ RV. You travel at​ your own pace. Cooking and bathrooms are always close by. You can meet a​ lot of​ other friendly RVers who will usually be glad to​ point out the​ best places to​ go.

When traveling by car you can save fuel by renting a​ smaller fuel efficient model. Packing light,​ reducing your speed and maintaining proper tire air pressure will also cut the​ gas costs.

Make sure that your car is​ ready for the​ trip. Good tires,​ oil change,​ tune-up and all that good stuff. It’s a​ heck of​ a​ lot cheaper and more convenient to​ deal with these things before you go rather than on​ the​ road somewhere.

Check out the​ local transportation system of​ buses,​ trains or​ trolleys. These can be considerably cheaper than using taxis.

Camping is​ a​ great vacation money saving idea. There are lots of​ campgrounds around. They are cheap and you may end up with an​ experience that outshines anything you can get a​ fancy hotel.

Plan activities that don’t require a​ lot of​ money. Hiking,​ and swimming are good ones. Local Museums and historical sites are often very reasonably priced as​ well as​ being quite educational and fun. the​ big theme parks have their appeal but you can really go through the​ cash at​ those places.

Plan picnics. These can be excellent vacation money saving opportunities as​ well as​ a​ chance to​ really relax and enjoy the​ local area.

Avoid buying souvenirs. It’s easy to​ get caught up and blow a​ bundle on​ these overpriced goodies. Set some mental rules ahead of​ time about how much you will spend on​ souvenirs and it​ will be easier to​ stick to​ it​ when the​ time comes.

I hope that you find some of​ these vacation money saving ideas helpful. Make a​ plan and stick to​ it. There’s no reason why you can’t have a​ great vacation without emptying the​ bank account.

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