Tips For Using Photoshop When Creating A Web Site

Tips for​ Using Photoshop When Creating a​ Web Site
Photoshop is​ a​ wonderful tool for​ creating web sites .​
It allows even a​ novice the​ ability to​ create a​ fully functional web site without much knowledge of​ HTML or​ JavaScript .​
You can create an​ entire web page template with Photoshop, and​ then use Image Ready to​ slice up the​ image and​ create the​ HTML for​ you .​
Or you can use Photoshop to​ create just the​ navigation for​ your web site, or​ to​ optimize images on your web site .​
No matter how you use Photoshop, it​ will definitely make your web site look much nicer, and​ also help it​ to​ run faster.
Photoshop can help you to​ create an​ entire web site without coding much HTML by hand .​
You can draw a​ complete web site in​ Photoshop, and​ then transfer your image into Image Ready so that you can slice up the​ image into smaller elements, and​ then save the​ images and​ the​ corresponding HTML to​ render the​ page very easily .​
Then all you have to​ do is​ use you’re newly created web site and​ entire content into the​ blank spaces that you have left in​ the​ template .​
After you have added the​ content to​ your pages, you will be ready to​ post your new web site to​ the​ web.
When I​ am creating web sites I​ use Photoshop to​ create the​ navigation for​ the​ web site and​ also to​ optimize all of​ the​ images, so that my web site will load faster .​
I​ usually create buttons for​ the​ navigation, and​ then create rollover effects from within Image Ready .​
This saves me quite a​ bit of​ time, because all of​ the​ JavaScript for​ the​ mouse over effects are done for​ me, which allows me to​ work on the​ more advanced coding of​ the​ pages .​
Even if​ you want to​ create all of​ the​ navigation and​ layout of​ your web site without Photoshop, then you should at​ least use Photoshop to​ optimize your images so that you web site loads within a​ reasonable amount of​ time.
Photoshop can give you 3 different optimized views of​ a​ particular image, and​ tell you how fast it​ will load on a​ particular connection speed .​
Then you can choose which optimized image you would like to​ use based on the​ ratio between how good the​ picture looks and​ how fast it​ loads .​
Without optimizing your images your web site will perform very slowly and​ visitors will be less likely to​ wait .​
You can create a​ web site on your own by hand coding the​ entire site, but using Photoshop will make creating your web site much easier and​ more appealing.

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