Tips For Taking A Caribbean Vacation During Hurricane Season

Tips For Taking A Caribbean Vacation During Hurricane Season

The official Caribbean hurricane season stretches from June 1 - November 30. It's rare to​ see a​ large storm in​ either June or​ November and most major hurricanes occur between August and October,​ with the​ peak season usually being September.

The upside is​ that prices are lower for the​ Caribbean during this time and resorts are less crowded. So what do you do if​ you want to​ get away during hurricane season?

Buy Travel Insurance
You must buy the​ trip cancellation insurance before the​ storm is​ announced,​ otherwise it​ will be deemed a​ pre-existing condition,​ so always purchase insurance the​ same day you book your trip to​ be safe. Most travel insurance policies will cover a​ trip disrupted because of​ a​ hurricane when you are forced to​ arrive late or​ leave early for your trip,​ but you'll be reimbursed only for the​ affected days until the​ airport or​ resort reopens. You will usually be reimbursed for the​ days you are forced to​ stay at​ a​ resort during a​ hurricane,​ but be sure to​ always read the​ fine print on​ your policy to​ make sure you know what they will actually cover.

Try to​ Avoid the​ Storms
Track hurricanes online with weather websites during the​ season. Some good sites include:

The National Weather Service - National Hurricane Center

Hurricane & Storm Tracking for the​ Atlantic & Pacific Oceans

Hurricane News and Information Tropical Storm Center

Pick Your Location Well
When planning a​ trip to​ the​ Caribbean during hurricane season,​ it​ is​ good to​ know that hurricanes are less likely the​ further south you go. the​ islands of​ Aruba,​ Bonaire,​ Curacao,​ Trinidad and Tobago,​ Barbados and St. Vincent,​ including the​ islands below them,​ are the​ least hit by hurricanes. However,​ as​ Grenada discovered in​ 2004 with Hurricane Ivan,​ never say never and keep in​ mind that hurricanes are unpredictable.

Go on​ a​ Cruise
The good thing about cruises is​ that they can usually sail around the​ worst of​ a​ storm. And today's ships are extraordinarily safe and with the​ advanced weather tracking available today,​ bad weather is​ something they can avoid. the​ downside is​ that the​ cruise line always reserves the​ right to​ reschedule port calls and change itineraries for weather-related reasons and therefore you may not get to​ visit the​ places you had hoped to.

Pick a​ Resort That Offers a​ “Hurricane Guarantee”
Recently,​ many of​ the​ largest resorts and resort chains,​ have started instituting a​ “hurricane guarantee,​” offering guests their money back for days lost to​ bad weather. For example,​ in​ the​ unlikely event that hurricane force winds (as defined by the​ U.S. National Weather Service) directly hit the​ Sandals or​ Beaches resorts while you are a​ guest,​ interrupting the​ use of​ all the​ included activities,​ Sandals or​ Beaches Resorts will offer a​ free replacement vacation to​ be taken at​ any Sandals or​ Beaches Resort of​ your choice. Go to​ for more resorts that offer hurricane guarantees.

Make the​ Best of​ It.
If you do get caught on​ vacation during a​ hurricane,​ try to​ make the​ best of​ it. as​ long as​ there is​ no danger present,​ relax indoors and focus on​ other activities.

My husband and I got caught in​ the​ Mayan Riviera,​ Mexico during hurricane Keith in​ 2000. He was still my boyfriend at​ that time and unbeknownst to​ me,​ he planned to​ propose on​ our second evening there. we​ got dressed for dinner and arrived at​ the​ hotel restaurant to​ find it​ boarded up. we​ saw the​ line up in​ the​ hotel lobby,​ everyone was being evacuated from the​ hotel to​ one farther up the​ coast. we​ ran back to​ our room,​ packed and got on​ the​ next bus out - not the​ evening my husband had planned!

When we​ checked into our room at​ the​ new hotel a​ few hours later,​ he still had the​ engagement ring burning a​ hole in​ his pocket. the​ winds were blowing and it​ was raining so the​ romantic walk on​ the​ beach he had been hoping for was out. He couldn’t put it​ off any longer so he dropped to​ one knee and proposed then and there. it​ was definitely a​ memorable evening,​ hurricane and all!

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