Tips For Saving While Eating Out With Family

The plans have been made. Snacks and meals have been packed. Everything that needs to​ be done to​ help you save on your vacation has been done. Only now the kids want to​ eat out. Instead of​ fighting the tide, look around for one of​ the many deals that are offered for families during the week.

1. Applebee’s - this family chain has a​ lot of​ variety to​ meet all the tastes your group might have. Even better, on Tuesdays and Thursdays in​ most locations they offer Kids Meals (off the kid menu) for only $.99.
2. Captain D’s - It’s a​ great little seafood place and an​ even better way to​ save a​ little cash while you are on vacation. Call the local restaurant and see if​ they offer the --kids eat free-- deal at​ that location. On Thursdays you can get to​ free kid’s meals for every adult meal purchased, but it​ is​ DINE in​ only.
3. IHOP - There are so much more than pancakes available here -- although pancakes are a​ specialty. The great thing is​ that on Fridays (from 3 pm - 9 pm) the kids eat free with the purchase of​ an​ adult meal.
4. Chik-fil-A - The cows are thrilled when you chose to​ eat here. And to​ encourage you even further, your kids can eat free on Tuesdays.
5. O’Charleys - This is​ another great variety restaurant and kids can eat free here every day (from the children’s menu). Keep in​ mind that drinks come separate and will run around $2.
6. McDonalds - under the golden arches you can find kids meals for under $1 on Tuesdays.
7. Ruby Tuesdays - You can find a​ wide variety of​ entrée’s and some great prices as​ well. to​ make it​ even more budget friendly, you can get a​ free kid’s meal (with adult purchase) on Wednesday nights.

Eating out doesn’t have to​ cost a​ fortune. You can cut corners by cutting coupons or​ you can visit your local restaurants on nights when the kids can eat free. There are some things you should always keep in​ mind:

- Not all restaurants in​ the chain will participate in​ the programs, so call your nearest location before you go.
- Kids Eat Free deals are not usually advertised very aggressively and are more likely to​ be found through word of​ mouth. Do some research on line AND be sure to​ ask friends and family about any deals they have heard of.
- Local or​ regional restaurants often run weekly specials. Call around to​ see what you can find to​ fit your family’s budget.

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