Tips For Saving While Eating Out With Family

Tips For Saving While Eating Out With Family

The plans have been made. Snacks and meals have been packed. Everything that needs to​ be done to​ help you save on your vacation has been done. Only now the kids want to​ eat out. Instead of​ fighting the tide, look around for one of​ the many deals that are offered for families during the week.

1. Applebee’s - this family chain has a​ lot of​ variety to​ meet all the tastes your group might have. Even better, on Tuesdays and Thursdays in​ most locations they offer Kids Meals (off the kid menu) for only $.99.
2. Captain D’s - It’s a​ great little seafood place and an​ even better way to​ save a​ little cash while you are on vacation. Call the local restaurant and see if​ they offer the --kids eat free-- deal at​ that location. On Thursdays you can get to​ free kid’s meals for every adult meal purchased, but it​ is​ DINE in​ only.
3. IHOP - There are so much more than pancakes available here -- although pancakes are a​ specialty. The great thing is​ that on Fridays (from 3 pm - 9 pm) the kids eat free with the purchase of​ an​ adult meal.
4. Chik-fil-A - The cows are thrilled when you chose to​ eat here. And to​ encourage you even further, your kids can eat free on Tuesdays.
5. O’Charleys - This is​ another great variety restaurant and kids can eat free here every day (from the children’s menu). Keep in​ mind that drinks come separate and will run around $2.
6. McDonalds - under the golden arches you can find kids meals for under $1 on Tuesdays.
7. Ruby Tuesdays - You can find a​ wide variety of​ entrée’s and some great prices as​ well. to​ make it​ even more budget friendly, you can get a​ free kid’s meal (with adult purchase) on Wednesday nights.

Eating out doesn’t have to​ cost a​ fortune. You can cut corners by cutting coupons or​ you can visit your local restaurants on nights when the kids can eat free. There are some things you should always keep in​ mind:

- Not all restaurants in​ the chain will participate in​ the programs, so call your nearest location before you go.
- Kids Eat Free deals are not usually advertised very aggressively and are more likely to​ be found through word of​ mouth. Do some research on line AND be sure to​ ask friends and family about any deals they have heard of.
- Local or​ regional restaurants often run weekly specials. Call around to​ see what you can find to​ fit your family’s budget.

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