Tips For Playing In The Casino

Tips For Playing In The Casino

Tips for Playing in​ the​ Casino
The first thing you should do when approaching a​ game or​ table is​ to​ see what the​ minimum and maximum bets are .​
Watch if​ you go to​ the​ same one several times,​ they change these limits Thursday through Sunday sometimes .​
Also,​ if​ the​ bet limits are too high,​ try the​ downtown casinos .​
They are routinely lower than the​ strip casinos.
Throw out the​ mindset that the​ dealer wants you to​ lose .​
He is​ a​ working guy just like you and it​ is​ just a​ job to​ him .​
Help him out by tipping him when you can .​
You will find he will be helpful in​ changing coin or​ explaining the​ game to​ you .​
They want you to​ win,​ after all,​ the​ more you win,​ the​ better the​ tip will be.
If you find yourself in​ need of​ chips,​ go to​ the​ table and place your money on​ the​ table surface .​
Never try to​ hand the​ dealer the​ money,​ they will not take it .​
It could be considered as​ a​ bribe .​
When you place it​ on​ the​ table,​ they will pick it​ up and ask you what you want .​

Be careful of​ the​ free drinks offered in​ the​ casino .​
They will give you all you want for free .​
They want you to​ be intoxicated and drunk .​
They want you to​ keep playing and,​ hopefully,​ losing .​
They do have juices and soda for free as​ well.
If you are at​ the​ table playing a​ hot game and need to​ leave for a​ few minutes,​ just ask the​ dealer to​ cover your chips .​
If you need to​ get some fresh air or​ take a​ quick trip to​ the​ bathroom,​ they will cover your chips with a​ cloth and watch them for you .​
This is​ quite helpful if​ you don't want to​ lose your spot at​ a​ table where you are having a​ good run .​
Don't abuse the​ privilege and don't be gone longer than half an​ hour.

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