Tips For Painless Insurance Selling

Tips For Painless Insurance Selling

Tips For Painless Insurance Selling

Although it​ is​ a​ very profitable market,​ selling insurance can be like any other sales job if​ you​ don’t know what you’re doing. you​ might be all hyped up in​ the​ first few months of​ selling to​ your warm markets – when you’re still persuading your friends and family to​ take out an​ insurance policy. But if​ you’re like the​ next insurance agent,​ you​ might find it​ harder to​ close sales once you’re through with the​ warm markets and have to​ move on​ to​ the​ zone of​ the​ dreaded cold markets.

But seasoned insurance agents will tell you​ that there actually ways to​ navigate the​ cold markets such that it​ becomes a​ less painful,​ and maybe even enjoyable,​ experience. the​ problem with most insurance agents is​ that they often take on​ a​ gather-gather approach to​ cold calling. Everyone and anyone is​ a​ sales lead,​ without careful thought and consideration of​ the​ prospect’s (a) actual need,​ and (b) capacity to​ pay.

In the​ old days,​ slammed doors were often the​ norm rather than the​ exception for insurance agents. These days,​ nobody has to​ put up with that kind of​ cold treatment. There are certainly new ways of​ doing old things,​ and you​ use technology to​ your advantage,​ to​ boot.

Warming Friends of​ Friends

Nobody will ever buy from you​ if​ people don’t like you,​ or​ even trust,​ you. the​ great thing about warm markets is​ that the​ trust factor is​ already there,​ that is,​ unless if​ you’ve habitually ripped them off. They will also trust you​ enough to​ refer some of​ their own friends to​ you,​ although they won’t necessarily volunteer their references to​ you​ – you​ have to​ ask it​ from them.

Do Your Research

Don’t be lazy about finding out if​ your prospect would need the​ product,​ if​ he or​ she can afford it,​ or​ both – he or​ she needs it​ and can afford it. Talking to​ someone who needs the​ product and can afford it​ invariably pares down your work to​ just making your prospect believe how good your product is.

Essentially,​ you​ need to​ market your products in​ a​ way that would strike a​ chord with your prospects at​ the​ emotional level,​ whether that be of​ love,​ fear or​ greed. People buy products because of​ emotional factors and rationalize their purchase AFTER the​ fact of​ buying.

Sign Up With Insurance Leads Sites

There are many insurance leads websites looking for insurance agents who can work on​ their pre-qualified leads. Some sites will even set you​ up for an​ appointment with a​ client for signing an​ insurance plan,​ essentially what you​ have to​ do is​ just to​ sell new products to​ an​ old customer.

There are many insurance agents who quit the​ business after just a​ few years. But you​ should know that insurance agents earn more than people who work 9 to​ 5 jobs. the​ US Bureau of​ Labor Statistics reported that in​ 2018,​ insurance agents earned an​ average of​ $58,​450 while the​ average American family earned only $48,​201.

Tips For Painless Insurance Selling

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