Tips For Mom Entrepreneurs How To Stay Connected To Your Network

Tips For Mom Entrepreneurs How To Stay Connected To Your Network

Tips for​ Mom Entrepreneurs: How to​ Stay Connected to​ Your Network
As a​ working mom, you may already feel overwhelmed, juggling dual responsibilities of​ work and​ family .​
When it​ comes to​ networking – yet another task – you may feel that the​ time I’ve spent at​ networking has never really paid off.
Creating a​ personal and​ professional network is​ essential for​ your work + life success .​
That’s why working moms need to​ approach networking with a​ different paradigm, explained below as​ a​ three-part process.
Relationship Building
Networking isn’t just about collecting business cards from people you think may help you .​
It’s about planting seeds and​ nurturing long-term relationships that mature over time.
As a​ mom, you may understand this process well because it​ calls upon the​ same nurturing skills you already use with your family.
Empowering Actions
How many times have you attended networking events and​ seen others jabber on about themselves and​ frantically hand out dozens, if​ not hundreds, of​ their cards? This frenetic approach only makes them look weak .​
As a​ working mom, draw on that Mommy authority to​ engage in​ empowering, networking actions .​
They include:
* Give – Adopt a​ giving attitude .​
When you meet someone ask, How can I​ help you? Always think, Who could I​ connect them with to​ help them meet their goals? It’s a​ natural principle: the​ more you help others, the​ more others will help you .​
* Ask – Be bold .​
Always think, you never know what will happen and​ it’s worth a​ try .​
If you meet a​ new contact and​ find you have an​ instant connection, don’t be afraid to​ ask for​ help .​

* Follow up - Getting introduced to​ the​ right people is​ important, but it’s what you do after the​ introduction that really counts .​
If you’ve felt a​ connection with a​ new contact, phone, email or​ send a​ thank-you note within one or​ two days .​
Then, keep in​ touch periodically, even if​ just to​ say, Hi, it’s been awhile…
Efficient Use of​ Time
You may be thinking, I’d like to​ stay connected with people, but I​ just don’t have the​ time .​
Here are three ways to​ efficiently find time to​ network:
* Lunch Hours – I’ve historically used my lunch hour, a​ coveted ME time, to​ run errands, walk a​ mile or​ two or​ get my hair or​ nails done .​
Yet, many associations and​ groups schedule networking meetings during this time .​
So, I​ began to​ add networking lunches .​
It’s a​ great way to​ preserve early-morning and​ evening family hours by substituting networking lunches for​ breakfast meetings or​ evening mixers!
* Coffee/lunch over the​ phone – My business partner, Jo Della Penna, introduced me to​ the​ idea of​ networking by scheduling coffee over the​ phone .​
What a​ great idea! This is​ a​ more efficient way to​ meet .​
Plus, neither party has to​ invest in​ driving time .​
When you want to​ spend time with a​ colleague, try a​ relaxing lunch over the​ phone by scheduling a​ lunch appointment, packing a​ lunch that day and​ calling at​ the​ appointed time .​

* Schedule in​ advance - Earmark your calendar to​ remind yourself to​ re-connect with a​ contact periodically .​
If you meet a​ new contact today, schedule the​ follow up call for​ two days later and​ plan a​ check-in email within 60 days .​
Remember, the​ key to​ networking is​ building a​ relationship over time .​
By using the​ steps above you should succeed at​ establishing good relationships that empower you and​ your business, and​ yet, don’t use hours and​ hours of​ your time.

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