Tips For Make Up And Skin Care

Tips for​ make up and​ skin care
‘Make up and​ skin care’ is​ generally regarded as​ women’s forte . ​
Men seldom indulge in​ ‘Make up and​ skin care’ . ​
Many men do care for​ their skin but make up is​ really alien to​ most men . ​
Treating make up and​ skin care as​ different topics wouldn’t make sense; after all,​ make up will work only if​ the​ skin is​ healthy . ​
So how do you​ exercise make up and​ skin care,​ together? Here are some tips for​ make up and​ skin care
* Always have skin care on​ mind,​ whether you​ are buying products for​ make up or​ actually applying them onto your skin after you​ have bought them . ​
So what you​ are buying is​ a​ ‘make up and​ skin care’ product,​ not just a​ make up product . ​
Check the​ ingredients to​ see if​ it​ contains things that you​ might be allergic to​ . ​
Also check if​ it​ contains high concentration chemicals that can harm your skin . ​

* ‘Make up and​ skin care’ is​ also about testing the​ products before using them . ​
So,​ apply the​ make up on​ a​ small patch of​ skin e . ​
g . ​
earlobes and​ check how your skin reacts to​ it . ​

* Keep track of​ expiry date on​ your make up products and​ never use them beyond the​ expiry date . ​
in​ fact some products e . ​
g . ​
vitamin C based products,​ if​ not stored properly,​ get spoilt much earlier than the​ expiry date . ​

* Cleanliness is​ an​ important part of​ make up and​ skin care procedure . ​
Sharpen your eyeliners regularly and​ keep all your makeup equipment clean at​ all times . ​
you​ might fix a​ date,​ each month,​ for​ overhauling of​ your equipment . ​
as​ part of​ cleanliness,​ your make up and​ skin care procedure should also include keeping your hair clean at​ all times . ​

* Nail care is​ another important aspect of​ make up and​ skin care . ​
Use a​ good quality nail polish and​ always keep your nails clean . ​
Once you​ are done with cleaning and​ polishing your nails,​ you​ should rub in​ cuticle oil at​ the​ edges of​ the​ nail . ​

* if​ you​ have deepset eyes,​ you​ should use a​ liquid eye liner instead of​ a​ pencil one . ​
This will prevent smudging at​ the​ deep edges of​ your eyelid . ​

* if​ you​ have a​ skin disorder e . ​
g . ​
acne,​ you​ should not apply heavy or​ chemical based make up . ​
Consult your dermatologist if​ you​ are not sure about the​ make up products that you​ can use while you​ have acne or​ other skin disorder . ​
Never try to​ squeeze pimples/ acne . ​
Remember that make up and​ skin care should not conflict each other . ​

* Use a​ mild make up remover instead of​ just washing it​ away . ​

* Another important ‘make up and​ skin care’ procedure is​ the​ following golden rule Never sleep with your make up on
* While applying a​ deodorant,​ make sure that you​ maintain the​ recommended distance between the​ nozzle and​ your skin as​ mentioned on​ the​ deodorant pack . ​

So,​ make up and​ skin care should always go hand in​ hand . ​
Do not try to​ treat make up and​ skin care differently . ​

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