Tips For Maintaining Multiple Web Sites

Tips For Maintaining Multiple Web Sites

A lot of​ internet marketers have multiple web sites. Multiple sites mean multiple streams of​ revenue. Sounds good. It’s not quite so simple though. Multiple sites can turn into multiple streams of​ revenue only if​ you are doing the​ right things to​ turn them into revenue earners. Here are my tips on maintaining and​ managing multiple web sites:

Think Before You Start: Think about why you are starting a​ new site, what you plan to​ offer and​ what you plan to​ gain from it. Don’t just start a​ site because you feel like it. Do your research, do some thinking and​ then go ahead.

Treat Each Website as​ a​ Separate Business. the​ first step is​ to​ write down the​ mission statement of​ your new website. the​ mission statement must include what information/services the​ website is​ going to​ offer and​ which market it’s going to​ cater to.

Maintain a​ Database : Document the​ passwords and​ usernames and​ everything related to​ that website.

Be Consistent: Only add content to​ the​ site that fits with mission statement. Refer to​ the​ mission statement frequently. Don’t get distracted from the​ goals for​ that website.

Monitor Revenue Independently : Maintain separate revenue statistics for​ each website. Your websites might be doing well all together but there might be a​ few which are not performing well. By keeping separate revenue charts you can focus on the​ profitability of​ each website separately.

All Marketing Efforts have to​ be independent of​ each other. Every marketing effort - right from article marketing to​ press releases has to​ be separate for​ every website.

Lastly don’t start too many websites. Start only as​ many as​ you can maintain. It’s better to​ have five good websites rather than ten bad websites. Number of​ websites is​ not the​ key to​ your success, number of​ good, well maintained websites is​ the​ key.

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