Tips For Keeping Your Money Safe While On Vacation

Tips For Keeping Your Money Safe While On Vacation

When it​ comes to​ spending money on​ vacation you have three main choices. Credit cards,​ cash,​ or​ traveler's checks.

Credit cards are the​ safest way to​ pay for your vacation. if​ they are stolen you have limited liability and they are easily replaced. the​ ability to​ dispute the​ charges with the​ credit card company give you protection against poor merchandise or​ service.

Many transactions such as​ hotel reservations and car rentals are impossible without a​ credit card. When traveling overseas you can usually get the​ best exchange rates using your plastic but beware. the​ credit card companies have been charging high fees for the​ privilege and usually don't tell you ahead of​ time.

The downside to​ credit cards is​ they can be unreliable,​ especially overseas. You can be in​ for a​ real hassle if​ your card is​ declined by the​ merchant or​ a​ foreign ATM machine. the​ chances of​ this happening are real and increase dramatically when traveling to​ second and third world countries.

When you use your credit card,​ don't let it​ out of​ your sight even if​ it​ means following your waiter to​ the​ register. Before you put the​ card back in​ your wallet make sure that it​ belongs to​ you.

Cash is​ the​ most reliable way to​ carry money but of​ course,​ it​ is​ the​ least safe. American cash is​ accepted everywhere and you can often haggle for better prices with cash.

But there are many dangers when carrying cash. the​ most obvious is​ that it​ makes you a​ target for thieves. Don't flash it​ around.

Hide your cash on​ your person but not in​ a​ waist money belt. Find or​ make a​ pocket on​ the​ inside of​ your clothing where it​ is​ difficult to​ get at. Then keep a​ small amount in​ a​ spare wallet for your walking around cash. You can keep one credit card in​ with the​ cash and it​ doesn't hurt to​ throw in​ some other expendable junk to​ make it​ look good. This is​ what you hand over if​ you are robbed.

Don't keep all your cash on​ your person. Hide some in​ your personal belongings. Be inventive about finding good hiding places. the​ hotel safe is​ a​ good place to​ stash a​ portion. if​ you spread it​ around then you won't be cleaned out in​ one shot.

Travelers checks are arguably the​ best way form of​ money for your vacation with. You can use them almost as​ readily as​ cash and they can be easily replaced.

The best way to​ handle your vacation money is​ with a​ combination of​ all three methods. )

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