Tips For Improving A Wireless Home Network

Tips For Improving A Wireless Home Network

Tips for​ Improving a​ Wireless Home Network
A basic WiFi home network can be assembled fairly quickly .​
However, many homeowners aren't aware of​ all the​ options available for​ making their network better .​
The wireless network can have its capability, performance and​ security improved .​
Consider these tips for​ improving your wireless home network.
1 .​
Upgrade or​ replace with correct hardware
In addition to​ the​ basic WiFi equipment such as​ the​ router and​ the​ wireless card, which may be upgraded with newer, faster or​ more compatible equipment as​ it​ comes on the​ market, other wireless gear such as​ video cameras, game adaptors and​ print servers are fun to​ consider .​
Do the​ research and​ get the​ best quality equipment for​ a​ good price.
2 .​
Install the​ access point strategically
Assembly of​ the​ wireless home network can be done easily—so easily in​ fact that some people rush into the​ project only to​ discover that it​ won’t work in​ parts of​ the​ residence .​
Or, perhaps the​ network works just great until it​ crashes every time a​ cordless telephone or​ microwave is​ activated .​
So non-techies are afraid to​ try to​ fix the​ poor performance of​ the​ network because they might make it​ worse .​
By moving the​ wireless router or​ access point to​ another location, many of​ these common WiFi networking problems will be solved .​
3 .​
Change the​ channel number
Another tip for​ improving a​ wireless home network is​ to​ vary the​ channel used .​
In the​ United States, as​ well as​ in​ most other nations, WiFi equipment can send signals on a​ variety of​ channels .​
Wireless routers usually are shipped with a​ default channel and​ many homeowners do not realize it​ can be changed .​
If the​ neighbor’s router or​ other electronic equipment causes radio interference, try changing the​ WiFi channel.
4 .​
Upgrade access point firmware
The built-in programmable software of​ the​ wireless router or​ access point is​ called the​ firmware .​
The factory installed firmware typically works for​ a​ time, but usually needs to​ be upgraded or​ replaced periodically to​ get improved performance, more reliability or​ security enhancements.
5 .​
Improve strength and​ range of​ the​ access point
Sometimes the​ wireless signal of​ the​ WiFi router or​ access point is​ just not strong enough .​
This can be caused by distances or​ home construction features such as​ brick walls .​
In order to​ solve the​ problem the​ WiFi antenna on the​ router can be upgraded or​ a​ wireless repeater can be installed .​
6 .​
Improve strength and​ range of​ WiFi clients
The signal strength of​ WiFi clients can also be improved .​
When treating a​ WiFi client that has a​ short range in​ comparison to​ the​ other devises, you may want to​ choose this option .​
This same method can improve laptop computer’s ability to​ connect to​ hotspots.
7 .​
Improve wireless network security
Many homeowners consider their wireless network a​ success when basic file and​ Internet connection sharing are functional .​
However, if​ proper security features are not in​ place, the​ work of​ network setup remains unfinished .​

While the​ basic setup and​ equipment of​ the​ wireless network may be perfectly satisfactory to​ the​ homeowner, part of​ the​ fun of​ technology is​ the​ opportunity to​ make good better and​ better best.

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