Tips For Finding A Great Villa Rental For Your Vacation In Europe

Tips For Finding A Great Villa Rental For Your Vacation In Europe

Villa rentals are a​ great way to​ enjoy your European vacation on​ your time and in​ an​ environment that feels like home. Keep reading for five great tips on​ how to​ find the​ perfect European villa rental.

1. Remember that a​ villa is​ just a​ vacation home. Yes,​ the​ word villa may seem grand or​ over-the-top,​ but it's really just another word for a​ vacation home. Think of​ it​ as​ a​ cottage and you may not feel so overwhelmed by the​ decisions.

2. Pick a​ size. European villa rentals tend to​ fit into one of​ two types: large,​ luxury homes designed for multiple families or​ big groups; and more modest styles that are great for single families. Larger homes can still be economical if​ shared between families and both styles offer that convenience of​ kitchen facilities and the​ privacy that out-of-hotel accommodations provide.

3. Owner Rentals vs Agency Rentals. You may get a​ better deal by renting property directly from the​ owner,​ but agencies often provide services like credit card payments (rather than expensive international wire-transfers),​ English-speaking agents,​ and a​ higher level of​ transaction security.

4. Know what you want and ask,​ ask,​ ask. if​ you have kids or​ pets,​ make sure they're allowed. if​ you want to​ spend your time in​ Southern Italy enjoying home-cooked meals on​ the​ veranda,​ then make sure the​ kitchen is​ adequate. if​ you want to​ be close to​ a​ hospital or​ urban center,​ double check that you will be.

5. Trust word-of-mouth. Try review sites,​ your own friends,​ or​ even asking the​ rental agent for the​ contact information of​ past renters. This is​ a​ great way to​ find out the​ real pros and cons of​ a​ property.

Finding the​ perfect European villa rental for your next vacation is​ easy,​ as​ long as​ you know what you want. With some research and work,​ you can find a​ great villa for your vacation.

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