Tips For Choosing A Web Hosting Company

There are literally hundreds of​ web hosting companies with multiple hosting plans vying for​ your business. While most are good and​ will do an​ adequate or​ better job of​ hosting your site, there are a​ number of​ considerations to​ make when looking at​ various companies.

For most web sites, shared hosting provides the​ most cost effective solution to​ web hosting. While the​ basic hosting is​ just that, each offer many different features and​ incentives. Before even looking at​ a​ hosting service, it​ is​ a​ good idea to​ thoroughly assess your present and​ future needs. for​ example, an​ ecommerce site will require much more in​ the​ way of​ storage and​ features than a​ personal or​ hobby site. if​ you will be hosting multiple domains or​ sub-domains, you need to​ know if​ a​ given company will support them without additional charges. Plans may include basic shopping carts, free domain registrations, multiple scripting options, etc. the​ list is​ endless, but the​ first order of​ business is​ to​ develop some criteria based on what you need right now and​ what you may require in​ the​ future. Its always possible to​ switch companies in​ the​ future, but much easier to​ get it​ as​ right as​ possible the​ first time.

In evaluating various companies, there are several aspects generic to​ all that you should look at.

Is the​ company established? Look for​ a​ company that has been in​ business at​ least 3-5 years and​ has a​ physical address and​ phone number posted on their web site. Use caution with a​ company whose only contact information is​ an​ email address. Also look at​ the​ number of​ domains hosted by the​ company. an​ established company should be hosting at​ least 50,000 (if not more) domains.

Is 24/7 monitoring and​ service available? the​ company should have someone monitoring their servers at​ all times as​ well as​ someone available to​ handle emergency service in​ the​ event your site goes down.

Is their a​ money back guarantee? it​ is​ common practice for​ a​ company to​ require a​ year or​ two payments up front in​ order to​ obtain the​ best pricing. Check to​ see if​ the​ company offers a​ pro-rated refund if​ you choose to​ switch companies.

How much are additional services? Should you exceed your plans allotted bandwidth or​ storage, it​ is​ important to​ know what additional transfer or​ storage will cost. Most companies are quite reasonable, however some require that you purchase additional storage / bandwidth in​ large blocks. Most companies will send you an​ alert if​ you are approaching your plans limits and​ allow for​ arrangements to​ be made. Others will simply shut down your web site until you have paid.

Testimonials? They are nice to​ see, but should always be taken with a​ grain of​ salt. Check to​ see if​ the​ testimonials include a​ web address and​ visit the​ web-site.

Is the​ sales staff available to​ answer questions? They should be. Look for​ a​ toll free number and​ call with any questions before making a​ commitment.

The last thing you need do is​ evaluate the​ pricing and​ assure that it​ fits in​ your budget. While you certainly don’t want to​ choose an​ obviously shady hosting company for​ the​ sake of​ saving a​ few bucks, it​ has been our experience that more expensive does not necessarily mean better when it​ comes to​ shared hosting.
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