Tips For Choosing The Right Sleeping Bag

Tips For Choosing The Right Sleeping Bag

Taking a​ camping trip can be extremely fun and adventurous, but only if​ you are well prepared. That is​ especially true when it​ comes to​ choosing the right sleeping bag for your journey into the woods. if​ there is​ one thing you need to​ have during a​ good camping trip, it​ is​ a​ comfortable and dry night's sleep, which is​ something only the right sleeping bag can do for you. When you start to​ look for just the right type of​ sleeping bag, you should take into accout why you need it. Your selection will depend largely on whether you are sleeping on the ground, in​ a​ cabin, in​ a​ cooler climate, or​ a​ wetter environment.

Many people begin by deciding between a​ down or​ synthetic sleeping bag. Down filled sleeping bags are extremely warm and comfortable and are great for camping outdoors. Synthetic sleeping bags are just as​ warm but dry more quickly than down in​ the event of​ rain. There are many other materials that also work well for at​ least three out of​ the four seasons in​ which you will most likely be camping. They tend to​ be warmer for the cooler nights, and keep you cool on the warmer nights.

The material that is​ used for sleeping bags for camping use is​ normally either nylon or​ polyester. Both are "breathable" materials (i.e. allow sufficient air in​ and out for comfort) but also keep you dry and warm. You should avoid all cotton sleeping bags unless you have small children who may feel more comfortable in​ them. Having a​ smooth lining is​ also a​ benefit for comfort. Linings made from non-cotton material such as​ taffeta or​ silk keep you comfortable inside the sleeping bag, which is​ just as​ important as​ the exterior considerations.

Another consideration for getting a​ great sleeping bag is​ the actual shape of​ the bag itself. You have a​ choice of​ a​ cocoon shaped sleeping bag - which is​ very common - or​ you can choose one that is​ rectangular in​ shape. The cocoon bags are a​ bit constricting but keep you quite snug, while the rectangular sleeping bags give you a​ larger space in​ which to​ move.

Lastly, you want to​ make sure that your sleeping bag can be easily "exited." The zippers should open on each end, allowing you to​ get out quickly if​ necessary. Having double sided zippers with hooks to​ keep it​ closed while you sleep is​ essential as​ well.

Make sure you try out the sleeping bag before making the purchase by actually getting into it​ at​ the store. Although you may feel a​ bit silly, that is​ the only way you are actually going to​ know if​ it​ feels comfortable for you. if​ the store doesn't allow this then you should try it​ out as​ soon as​ you return home. Give it​ a​ thorough "going over" before committing to​ keeping it. One of​ the last things you want to​ do is​ to​ take a​ sleeping bag on a​ trip without knowing that you are going get a​ full and comfortable night’s sleep.

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