Tips For Choosing The Right Magazine Subscription For You

Tips for​ Choosing the​ Right Magazine Subscription for​ You
Most magazine subscription sellers carry between 600 and​ 1600 different magazine titles for​ sale .​
The ever increasing number of​ magazines gives customers a​ list of​ endless possibilities from which to​ choose when looking for​ just the​ right subscription .​
The vast amount of​ choices can be a​ rather daunting task when trying to​ narrow down the​ choices from 50 magazines to​ maybe one or​ two .​
Some of​ the​ popular magazine categories may feature even more subscriptions to​ choose, but there are some tricks to​ choosing just the​ right magazine subscription for​ you.
Read Customer Reviews
Though publishers provide a​ description of​ the​ content and​ editorial focus of​ the​ magazine, it​ is​ in​ their best interest to​ make the​ magazine sound as​ interesting and​ appealing as​ possible .​
When available, customer reviews can provide a​ view of​ the​ magazine that is​ unbiased .​
Customer Reviews on magazines can give potential subscribers and​ readers information on everything from the​ quality of​ the​ content, the​ number of​ ad pages featured in​ a​ magazine (an ongoing complaint with many readers, and​ even delivery issues or​ problems.
Reading more than one customer review is​ also very important .​
It allows for​ a​ general consensus, and​ after a​ while a​ pattern of​ opinions should start to​ emerge .​
If the​ general consensus is​ that magazine quality has suffered or​ if​ the​ editorial focus has changed (for either better or​ worse) the​ information is​ readily available.
Online customers have a​ decided advantage .​
There are a​ number of​ consumer and​ shopping sites with this information available .​
Online Magazine subscription sellers also encourage their customers to​ write reviews for​ magazines .​
When a​ potential customer clicks on a​ a​ magazine title everything you need to​ know should be readily available .​
Sellers understand that consumers often want more information about magazine titles as​ it​ helps them to​ make a​ more informed decision.
Find Your Niche
Many customers choose a​ magazine subscription based on the​ popularity of​ the​ magazine or​ name recognition .​
Just because a​ magazine has experienced popularity does not mean that it​ will fit the​ need of​ every customer .​
Increased competition among publishers has led most publishers to​ cater to​ a​ specific niche within a​ particular category .​
Every category will have at​ least one general interest magazine that seems to​ cover a​ wide breadth of​ information .​
However, customers tend to​ be happier with subscriptions that cater directly to​ them and​ are geared towards their interests specifically.
For example, Bon Appetit is​ one of​ the​ more popular magazines in​ the​ cooking category .​
The magazine includes recipes, entertainment information, restaurants reviews etc .​
However, the​ novice cook would likely be better served purchasing a​ different subscription .​
Many of​ the​ recipes in​ Bon Appetit have been categorized as​ difficult for​ a​ beginner with many of​ the​ ingredients being difficult to​ locate .​
While a​ great magazine, Bon Appetit is​ more of​ a​ generalist, and​ is​ not a​ good fit for​ a​ beginner or​ someone who is​ looking for​ a​ large number of​ recipes.
Another example would be the​ baseball fan that doesn’t particularly care for​ other sports .​
a​ magazine subscription to​ Baseball Digest would likely be a​ better fit than a​ more popular magazine such as​ Sporting News .​
Though Sporting News would provide baseball coverage, it​ would likely lack the​ in-depth coverage of​ the​ aforementioned magazine because of​ the​ other sports it​ needs to​ cover, and​ because of​ space limitations .​
The Baseball Digest subscriber would also be able to​ receive Baseball information during the​ off season when baseball news in​ other generalist magazines is​ likely to​ be limited.
Price Does In Fact Matter
In some instances customers will face having to​ decide between magazines with the​ same quality and​ editorial focus .​
For example, Sports Illustrated has long been a​ leader in​ the​ sports magazine category .​
ESPN, known for​ their television and​ radio sports broadcasting has experienced phenomenal growth of​ the​ ESPN Magazine .​
Many of​ ESPN’s issues sell out at​ the​ newsstands .​
Much of​ the​ growth has been attributed to​ the​ low price of​ the​ magazine.
Though customers are interested in​ quality, cost is​ important and​ many customers and​ publishers are benefiting .​
People Magazine and​ National Geographic have definitely felt the​ competition from magazines like US Weekly, and​ Discover .​
These magazines are very similar but are far less costly.
If still in​ doubt about what magazine subscriptions to​ purchase after narrowing down the​ list, buying one or​ two copies at​ the​ newsstand is​ a​ great way to​ find out if​ a​ long term commitment is​ ideal.

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