Tips For Choosing The Perfect Tanning Salon

Tanning can be such a​ chore – having to​ wait until certain periods of​ the​ day or​ the​ right time of​ year. It’s a​ hassle do you decide that it​ is​ in​ your best interest to​ go to​ a​ tanning salon but you don’t know what to​ look for​ and​ everyone seems to​ have their own opinion. All you really know is​ that you don’t want a​ bad spray on tan. the​ following are things you should know or​ find our or​ ask the​ establishments before you go and​ tan there.

Employee Certification

You read that right. in​ order to​ be licensed to​ tan you have to​ be accredited and​ take courses. There are currently four programs that someone can train under. if​ you find a​ tanning spa where the​ employees are either not certified or​ certified through someone other than these four then do not choose them. They are:

The National Tanning Training Institute
International Smart Tan Network
Suntanning Association for​ Education
International Suntanning Education Institute

Each of​ these four, well established training centers offers certification to​ salon owners.

Continuing Education

New techniques and​ equipment are always being developed. What sort of​ ongoing training does the​ salon offer its employees, if​ any? it​ is​ important to​ keep up to​ date on the​ trends in​ the​ industry as​ well as​ the​ tools associated with it.

Warnings on Photosensitive Reactions

Your salon should be mindful of​ your health and​ have, by law, the​ need to​ have a​ list of​ medications, medical conditions and​ agents available that may lead a​ client into a​ photosensitive reaction that could occur when you expose your skin to​ the​ ultra violet rays. Your salon must discuss these issues with you.

Liability Insurance

Ask your salon if​ they have liability insurance. if​ they don’t then you should turn tail and​ run. Liability insurance protects you against any issues that may arise from the​ use of​ tanning in​ the​ salon otherwise if​ you get damaged you have no recourse.

Skin Type Determination

There are systems in​ place that can tell you what kind of​ type your skin is​ and​ this important to​ proper tanning as​ settings differ between light and​ dark tones, oily or​ dry skin etc. if​ they cannot tell your skin type they cannot guarantee a​ safe tanning experience.

Informed Consent

A salon that provides you with a​ list of​ things that could go wrong is​ a​ responsible salon. Though proven to​ be relatively safe there are still risks involved with tanning. the​ salon should have a​ form pointing them all out that you sign just in​ case something happens. This serves to​ inform you, the​ client, and​ protect the​ salon.

Promoting Proper Skin Care

Your skin is​ the​ base for​ a​ good tan. if​ your skin is​ one way or​ the​ other you can produce a​ bad tan. Your salon of​ choice should offer you information on what skin creams and​ lotions will be best for​ your skin type and​ to​ promote good tanning.

Over Exposure Program

A salon that is​ set up properly can design a​ tanning schedule based around your skin type. This ensures you that you will not over tan and​ will have a​ safer and​ more enjoyable experience as​ well as​ not wasting money.

Protective Eyewear

Is the​ salon you considering have protective eyewear available or​ demand that you use it? the​ regulations of​ tanning salons adhere to​ a​ strict policy of​ having people wear protective eyewear. Just say no to​ any tanning salon or​ spa that does not seem to​ care about your general well being.


There are a​ great number of​ people coming and​ going and​ laying in​ the​ same tanning beds. Observe the​ business and​ take note of​ everything you see. is​ there garbage on the​ floor? Are there sterilization chemicals to​ clean off tanning beds?

After the​ previous 10 questions have been asked should you worry about the​ price because putting a​ price tag on your health and​ beauty is​ silly.

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