Tips For Choosing A Knife For Various Outdoor Sports Part 2

Tips For Choosing A Knife For Various Outdoor Sports Part 2

When choosing a​ knife, it​ helps a​ lot to​ know what some of​ the​ features are, and​ what different materials and​ specs mean - in​ plain English.

One of​ the​ most important materials in​ a​ knife is​ what steel the​ blade is​ made of.

One popular steel used in​ knives is​ 420HC . This is​ a​ stainless steel with good abrasion resistance and​ it​ holds an​ edge well.

1095 Carbon Steel is​ another knife steel, often used with larger knives, as​ it​ is​ relatively economical. This steel performs well, as​ long as​ corrosion is​ not an​ issue.

440A, 440B, & 440C are all steels with excellent corrosion resistance. 440C is​ general considered the​ best steel, and​ 440A the​ lesser of​ the​ three. That doesn't always hold true, though. With excellent heat treating, knives of​ 440A can be excellent knives (take the​ SOG Navy Seal knife, for​ example).

The AUS-6 - AUS-8 - AUS-10 steels are roughly equivalent to​ the​ 440 family of​ steels.

Another important consideration in​ choosing a​ knife is​ the​ handle type.

Handles materials can be broken down into three categories: Natural materials, Synthetic materials, and​ Non-slip materials. Natural materials generally have good looks, but they are generally not well suited to​ harsh conditions. if​ you plan to​ use your knife in​ wet conditions, you'll probably want a​ synthetic non-slip handle.

The carry system is​ another feature to​ consider. Most fixed blade knives come with a​ sheath to​ carry the​ knife on your belt. Folding blade knives may come with a​ belt clip, sheath, both, or​ no carry system. Some knives also come with specialty sheaths that allow you to​ carry the​ knife on your leg, ankle, arm, etc.

All in​ all, there are many different factors that you should consider when buying a​ knife. Be sure that you carefully consider exactly what you need in​ a​ knife, so that you can find a​ knife that perfectly meets your needs!

Tips For Choosing A Knife For Various Outdoor Sports Part 2

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