Tips For Choosing A Flat Screen Tv Part 1

Tips For Choosing A Flat Screen Tv Part 1

Tips for​ Choosing a​ Flat Screen Tv, Part 1
You've seen them advertised online with plummeting prices, you've seen them at​ electronics stores like Best Buy and​ Circuit City, and​ even at​ Sam's Club and​ Costco .​
They're flat screen televisions, and​ they're going to​ become more important in​ 2018, when all of​ the​ broadcasters switch over to​ purely digital systems.
Flat Screen TVs have stabilized on high quality LCD displays .​
An LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) contains millions of​ cells (pixel elements) that crystallize when the​ current level drops below a​ minimum amount .​
By making each cell a​ triplet, one tinted red, one green and​ one blue, you can make a​ color picture; LCD display typically have fluorescent backlights on them.
The primary benefit of​ a​ flat screen tv for​ you is​ that it's got a​ huge picture at​ a​ fraction of​ the​ volume of​ a​ conventional Cathode Ray Tube (CRT or​ just tube) television, which more or​ less has to​ be at​ least as​ deep as​ it​ is​ diagonally across .​
Now, if​ you saw early flat screen televisions, or​ computer monitors, or​ remember really old laptops, you may recall a​ phenomenon called ghosting, where an​ image would smear across the​ pixels, because they couldn't respond fast enough .​
Modern flat screen televisions have more or​ less eliminated that problem by having response times (how quickly the​ crystal can change phase from liquid to​ solid and​ back) of​ eight milliseconds or​ less.
Likewise, one of​ the​ other places where LCD flat screen televisions have seriously picked up in​ quality is​ color fidelity; as​ the​ technology has matured, the​ ability to​ get precise color matching has grown by staggering amounts; one of​ the​ keys to​ this is​ incredibly fine grained control over the​ backlight behind the​ LCD panels; in​ some cases, going up to​ 1024 levels of​ brightness, to​ coordinate with the​ millions of​ colors to​ give absolutely sharp picture clarity.
So, if​ you've been hesitant about flat screen televisions before, the​ technology has grown up in​ capabilities while coming down considerably in​ price.

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