Tips For Buying Your Next Swift Rifle Scope

Tips For Buying Your Next Swift Rifle Scope

When you're ready to​ buy your next rifle scope it's important to​ consider that Swift offer a​ wide variety of​ scopes that are ideal for many different types of​ hunting and shooting. One of​ the most popular scopes that Swift offer, and one that is​ proving very popular with hunters everywhere, is​ the Swift 676 Premier series of​ scope. This scope has tons of​ features but amongst the best of​ these are a​ 4-12x40 adjustable objective lens as​ well as​ speed focus. Not only that but this scopes is​ also waterproof and multi-coated - making it​ extremely tough.

One of​ the best things about this scope is​ that it​ is​ extremely adaptable, making it​ excellent for individuals who want to​ use it​ to​ hunt small game and varmints. Air rifle owners will also find that it​ is​ extremely suitable for this type of​ purpose as​ well. With the speed focus, you are able to​ set a​ gauge on your target quickly and easily while the parallax adjustment gives you plenty of​ options from 10 yards all the way to​ infinity.

Another excellent Swift rifle scope is​ the Swift 672M. The features of​ thie scope that are most appealing are the speed focus and 6-18x50 lens. Like the Premier Series, this scope is​ also multi-coated and waterproof. Target shooters and those who are interested in​ hunting varmints and small game alike will appreciate this scope with its optimum focusing ability at​ any of​ the power settings as​ well as​ an​ adjustable objective.

A Swift scope designed specifically for field target shooting is​ the Swift 677M. This model features a​ speed focus aswell as​ a​ tube body that is​ longer than usual and allows for additional eye relief adjustment for airguns or​ air rifles with a​ longer action. This model is​ suitable for use in​ any medium power air rifle, delivering great focusing ability with a​ waterproof guarantee - top stuff!

The Swift 678M has become a​ favorite of​ many target shooters due to​ the accuracy and close range this model consistently delivers. Serious hunters also enjoy the fact that the 678M offers accurate range finding abilities along with clear optics. a​ removable sunshade is​ offered, making this model even more convenient and flexible than most.

If you're using a​ high recoil spring air rifle then you'll love the Swift 686M. This scope was designed specifically for high recoil usage. With a​ compact size of​ 12.5” this model works well on spring rifles, making recoil level an​ issue of​ the past. The Swift 688M works well in​ a​ variety of​ situations including target shooting and small game hunting. Like most of​ the other Swift rifle scopes lineup, this model comes with the Speed Focus feature as​ well as​ being multi-coated. a​ Mil-Dot reticle is​ also included.

So as​ you can see Swift has something to​ offer every type of​ shooter and hunter out there. Put Swift on your shopping list - you won't be sorry.

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