Tips For Buying Weaver Rifle Scopes

Tips For Buying Weaver Rifle Scopes

Weaver rifle scopes have been around for quite some time. as​ a​ matter of​ fact they were introduced as​ far back as​ 1930 and ever since Weaver has become a​ very well known brand name in​ the world of​ hunting and shooting. Like many other rifle scope companies over the years Weaver has felt the pinch of​ competition despite a​ long and established history of​ producing quality products. Weaver itself was sold on in​ the late 1990s and shortly afterwards was bought by a​ company called Meade who made it​ their mission to​ modernize the entire Weaver scope range.

For many years the most popular Weaver rifle scopes have been the 330 and 400 which are well known for delivering excellent quality and performance without costing the earth. The Grand Slam scopes were introduced as​ part of​ the Weaver/Meade merger and this step took Weaver scopes to​ a​ never-before-seen level. The Grand Slam line of​ scopes includes several options including variable power scopes such as​ the 1.5-5x32mm and the 3-10x40mm as​ well as​ the 3.5-10x50mm and the 4.5-14x40mm scope. The 6-20x4mm AO variable power and the fixed power 4.75x40mm are also available in​ the new Grand Slam lineup.

These new scopes are capable of​ taking a​ beating if​ the situation calls for it. Designed with tubes that are manufactured from aircraft quality aluminum, the scopes are 1” in​ diameter with lenses crafted from camera quality glass. Multi-coatings are provided to​ further reduce glare while elevation and windage adjustments can be clicked and conducted with no use of​ special tools required - just making life easier for shooters everywhere.

It seems that a​ lot of​ thought and planning has gone into the new line of​ Weaver scopes as​ they've been designed to​ truly consider the shooter. The exterior is​ provided with a​ rubberized fast focus ring as​ well as​ a​ sure-grip exterior that can easily be handled even when you’re wearing gloves. to​ further prove the quality of​ this new lineup, Meade has provided the Grand Slam line with full fogproof, waterproof and shockproof capabilities. a​ limited lifetime warranty is​ also offered, with repair or​ replacement of​ any defective scope at​ no charge as​ long as​ the scope is​ still owned by the original owner.

Weaver has been providing high quality, high performance rifle scopes for many years and this doesn't appear to​ be about to​ change anytime soon. The new Grand Slam range shows that Weaver has their sights firmly fixed on the future by offering reasonably priced scopes with a​ great feature set. You can expect to​ see Weaver products on the market for a​ long time to​ come.

Tips For Buying Weaver Rifle Scopes

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