Tips For Buying An Italian Handbag

Tips For Buying An Italian Handbag

Tips For Buying An Italian Handbag
If you could bring home one piece of​ clothing or​ accessory made in​ Italy, you may want to​ choose an​ Italian handbag .​
While this year’s dress is​ next year’s rag, a​ quality handbag will literally look stylish for decades .​
Of course, many people take one look at​ the cost of​ the better Italian handbags and decide that these bags are simply too expensive .​
However, if​ you think about how many times you will be using that handbag over the next ten years and then divide the price of​ the handbag by that number, you may be surprised to​ find that a​ good handbag is​ actually a​ better deal than most other pieces of​ clothing .​
After all, if​ you buy a​ ten dollar shirt because it​ is​ on sale and only wear it​ twice, it​ costs you five dollars for each use .​
a​ one hundred dollar handbag that you use thirty times only costs you about three dollars for each use .​
Most people use a​ good handbag several hundred times a​ year.
Although Italian handbags come in​ a​ range of​ prices, a​ top quality calf leather handbag can cost as​ much as​ four or​ five hundred dollars; and even several thousand dollars if​ it’s from a​ well-known designer .​
Although you may not be able to​ tell the supple soft calf leather bag from a​ less expensive bag made with cowhide by looking at​ the bags, you can certainly feel the difference .​
Calf leather is​ smooth and flexible.

If you can’t afford a​ good leather Italian handbag, there are some other choices .​
The same care and craftsmanship that makes leather handbags so popular goes into the construction of​ Italian bags made with canvas or​ fabric .​
Just be prepared for a​ fabric bag to​ wear out sooner than the leather handbags.
Finally, be sure you do not buy a​ handbag that looks like a​ quality Italian handbag at​ first glance, but actually turns out to​ be a​ knockoff .​
If the handbag you are considering is​ supposed to​ be leather, unzip it​ and take a​ look at​ the inside to​ see if​ you can find some uncovered edges .​
Leather edges look different than those made with vinyl or​ other man made materials .​
The best way to​ be sure you are purchasing a​ quality Italian handbag is​ to​ only purchase from reputable sources.

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