Tips For Buying Collectibles On E Bay

Tips For Buying Collectibles On E Bay

Tips for Buying Collectibles on eBay.
Buying collectibles is​ one of​ the most enjoyable things to​ do on eBay, simply because you can find so many things that you just can't get anywhere else .​
Here are a​ few tips to​ help you on your way.
Find your Category.
You'll probably find that all the items you're after are listed in​ a​ single category .​
Add this category to​ your browser's Favorites, and keep coming back.
Look for Mistakes.
If you collect something, the chances are you know a​ lot about it .​
This can be your opportunity to​ make a​ mint from a​ seller's mistake .​
They might not realise that they have a​ rare version of​ an​ item, or​ they might have left off the key information that makes it​ valuable .​
If you're willing to​ email the seller and ask them a​ few questions about the item to​ confirm that it​ is​ what you think it​ is, then you should be able to​ buy items like these .​
You can then resell them at​ a​ big profit, if​ that's what you want to​ do.
Don't Always Believe Descriptions.
If you find something you haven't heard of, and the description calls it​ 'rare', don't assume that it​ actually is .​
Far too many sellers just put 'rare' into all of​ their descriptions - the chances are that the item is​ common and has just been described wrongly .​
Don't bid unless you know what you're buying.
Stalk Other Users.
When you collect something, you'll probably notice that there are four or​ five sellers who seem to​ come up with consistently good items - and the same buyers buying them .​
Add their user pages to​ your Favorites, and check back often to​ see what they've got - or​ what they're bidding on - that you might be interested in.
Don't Get Too Attached to​ an​ Auction.
There are millions of​ items being listed every day on eBay - whatever you want, it'll come around again, and if​ you don't get it​ there are plenty more things to​ buy .​
This is​ similar to​ the golden rule of​ negotiating: always be prepared to​ walk away .​
If you can't walk away, then expect to​ pay over the odds .​
There are few things so rare that another seller won't have one to​ sell .​
Go and bid in​ a​ lower-priced auction, instead of​ getting into a​ bidding war in​ one that is​ already expensive.
Beware of​ the Postage.
If you collect lots of​ small things with a​ relatively low value, you might end up paying as​ much for postage as​ you do for each item .​
You should take these costs into consideration when you make your bid .​
Another good strategy is​ to​ always buy a​ few things at​ once from the same buyer, as​ they will almost always offer you a​ discount on the postage.
When you're bidding, you might notice that some auctions go more slowly than others, going days at​ a​ time without any new bids .​
The next email tells you how to​ take advantage of​ these 'slow' auctions.

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