Tips For Buying Burris Rifle Scopes

Tips For Buying Burris Rifle Scopes

Shopping for and choosing a​ new rifle scope can be a​ bit of​ a​ headache at​ times. if​ you currently find yourself in​ that situation then Burris should figure heavily in​ your consideration for a​ new scope. They offer a​ wide variety of​ options and it's easy enough to​ find one of​ their scopes at​ very reasonable prices.

First off the the list that might peak your interest is​ the Burris 2-7x35mm Ballistic Plex. This model comes with a​ lifetime warranty and fully multi-coated lenses as​ well as​ fast focus and click adjustments. Retailing for about $170 this model offers great value which is​ provided in​ a​ very compact package and is​ an​ ideal solution for the medium range shooter. It's designed mainly for shooting in​ the woods and comes in​ a​ small lightweight body that's perfect for those long outdoor treks.

If you're more interested in​ hunting big game then the Signature Select Ballistic Plex may be more suitable for you. This particular scope is​ very well known for producing clear and bright images for those tough big game challenges. This is​ mainly due to​ the internal surface being 65% larger than similar scopes from competitors. Another nice touch is​ that each of​ the scopes in​ the Signature Select range come with a​ Storm Queen style lens cover.

The Rimfire News is​ a​ compact scope with adjustable power from 3X-9X and an​ adjustable parallax. Under tests this scope performed well without any hesitation, even in​ variable inclimate conditions including water and sub-freezing temperatures; a​ testament to​ the quality of​ the scope itself.

Next up in​ the Burris range is​ the Black Diamond. These scopes are known for extremely sharp resolution and brightness as​ well as​ long range shooting capabilities. This scope performs exceptionally well while in​ the field as​ well as​ with competitive target shooting. Other popular features on the Black Diamonds scopes include adjustment dials that are both resettable and finger-adjustable. The newest addition to​ the lineup includes a​ side focus parallax adjustment with improvements such as​ weight and length reduction along with the ability to​ mount the scope even lower on the rifle. Combined with terrific value and durability, the Black Diamond line of​ Burris scopes are a​ sure winner.

Last but by no means least is​ the Fullfield range of​ scopes from Burris. These scopes have a​ long history of​ delivering high performance and the newest scopes in​ this range are no different. Like their predecessors they offer unparalleled dependability and accuracy. One of​ the favored features of​ this line are the quad seal rings used in​ place of​ O-rings along with the adjustable eyepiece that doesn’t require the use of​ a​ locking mechanism.

So when you're shopping around for your next scope, be sure to​ consider one of​ these great options from the Burris scopes line. You’ll find great quality and value, a​ combination that’s hard to​ beat and don't forget their Forever Warranty - it's not to​ be sneezed at.

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