Tips For Buying A Bsa Rifle Scope

Tips For Buying A Bsa Rifle Scope

If you're currently in​ the market for a​ great scope at​ a​ great price then you should really take a​ look at​ some of​ the newer BSA scopes; especially models like the Sweet 17. This particular scope has a​ 50mm lens with a​ variable 3 to​ 12 x 40 mm power. Other neat features include target grade turrets and a​ top turret which you can set by simply turning the dial for whatever range you want to​ target; all nice and easy to​ use.

The new Sweet 17 scope is​ priced to​ accommodate pretty much every budget out there. it​ does this by offering 4 different options. at​ the lower (some would say cheaper) end of​ the cost spectrum you’ll find the 4 x 32mm that has a​ fixed power. This scope comes in​ at​ around a​ mere $40 which is​ great value. For around $65, you can upgrade to​ the 207 32mm that also has AO. at​ just under $100, BSA also offers the 3012 40mm scope with AO while the 6-16 40mm with AO can be found for about $125.

Another great BSA scope worth having a​ look at​ is​ the Catseye model. an​ ideal scope to​ use for close or​ moderate range shooting work. if​ you already own a​ scope with large magnification, it’s definitely worth thinking about buying another scope for the times when you’re shooting at​ close range. if​ you haven’t already noticed, a​ scope with larger magnification can cause some real problems when shooting up close. One of​ the main problems is​ that you’re forced to​ spend more time locating the target and as​ this can lead to​ a​ lost shot.

BSA solved this problem with the introduction of​ the Catseye which sports a​ lower power variable. Not only does this scope work well for hunting in​ close to​ moderate range situations but it​ also features an​ illuminated reticle, perfect for hunting in​ low light situations. There are seven levels of​ intensity offered with the illuminated reticle on this scope. You can select which level suits you best by pressing a​ switch until you reach the desired level.

For those of​ you using a​ gun that has a​ lot of​ recoil then this scope will suit you down to​ the ground as​ it​ can deal with some pretty harsh kickbank. The Catseye has withstood some serious punishment in​ this department during testing.

BSA has released a​ great line of​ scopes that suit a​ wide variety of​ hunting and shooting situations and also to​ suit a​ wide variety of​ guns. if​ you're currently in​ the market for a​ new scope then why not check out some BSA scopes today.

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