Tips For Better Web Design

Tips For Better Web Design

For better websites you have to​ build sites which are user-friendly and​ optimized for​ search engines.

Here are 10 strategies for​ better webdesign:

1. Use valid HTML/CSS code. Searchengines and​ users hate wbesites which cannot be read correctly

2. Try to​ find out the​ most relevant keywords of​ your clients. Sort them by relevancy and​ list the​ first 12-15 keywords

3. Provide useful and​ structured content which referes to​ the​ keywords

4. Set keywords in​ bold within the​ text. Use keywords within the​ title tag.

5. Use h1-headlines for​ the​ most important keywords

6. Use alt-tags for​ images

7- Design. Try to​ create an​ unique and​ attractive design. High-quality images will impress your visitors. Seach for​ nice images in​ the​ web but do not copy them without permission!

8. Submit your website to​ the​ most important search-egnines like google, yahoo ...

9. Try to​ get new backlinks every weekSearchengines will love that. Be sure not to​ get bad neighbourhood. Only quality websites should link to​ you. Directoy listings will provide you with good links when they have a​ pagerank of​ 2 or​ higher.

10. Keep your website actual. a​ news section will provide visitors and​ searchengine with new content.

If you have not the​ time or​ ability to​ design a​ website contact an​ agency with long-termed experience in​ webdesigning and​ seo. Before placiong an​ order you should check the​ references. There should be at​ least 20 web projects from different customers.

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