Tips For Better Vacation Photos

Tips For Better Vacation Photos

Here are a​ few tips that will improve the​ quality of​ your vacation pictures.

Modern cameras allow are now all point and shoot. But there is​ one thing that we​ do have complete control of​ and that is​ the​ composition of​ the​ photo.

Good composition can be achieved by anyone. Before you click,​ take a​ second to​ think about three things.

What is​ the​ center of​ interest in​ the​ picture? it​ may be a​ building,​ person,​ animal,​ or​ a​ landscape feature. Whatever it​ is,​ stop and get a​ mental focus on​ it.

What is​ the​ best viewpoint? Maybe you should move to​ the​ left or​ right,​ back up or​ get closer,​ zoom in​ or​ out. Each spot will present a​ slightly different background and foreground. Try to​ eliminate distractions,​ things that intrude unnecessarily into the​ picture.

An easy way to​ estimate the​ composition is​ to​ make a​ viewfinder with your hands. Put the​ tips of​ your thumbs together,​ hands flat. Make a​ square using both thumbs and forefingers. Hold the​ square up in​ front of​ you so that your subject is​ visible through it.

What makes an​ effective background? You don't want the​ background to​ contain objects that are irrelevant to​ the​ center of​ focus. a​ good background will not immediately draw attention away from the​ foreground by being too powerful.

What makes an​ effective foreground? Ideally the​ foreground should catch the​ eye and lead it​ to​ the​ center of​ interest. or​ it​ can serve to​ frame the​ picture as​ long as​ it​ adds interest and doesn't become too overpowering.

When taking long shots,​ don't let the​ sky dominate. Look for ways to​ introduce perspective in​ the​ foreground. a​ road,​ path,​ or​ other objects with strong lines can lead the​ eye deep into the​ picture.

A long shot is​ fine if​ you are specifically trying to​ include something in​ the​ background. But often it's difficult to​ recognize who is​ in​ the​ photo. Don't be afraid to​ get in​ close when the​ subject is​ a​ person. Closeups can get yield some great facial expressions,​ especially if​ the​ shot is​ unplanned.

Using a​ digital camera? Go crazy and take a​ million shots. That way you are sure to​ have plenty of​ good pictures and just delete the​ ones you don't want.

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