Tip Top Treatment For Baby Bottoms

Tip Top Treatment For Baby Bottoms

Until recently, mothers have had to​ rely on adult over-the-counter antifungal creams to​ treat their babies' cases of​ diaper rash complicated by yeast infections. for​ the​ first time, a​ prescription product-Vusion™ (0.25% miconazole nitrate, 15% zinc oxide and​ 81.35% white petrolatum) Ointment-is available and​ is​ indicated and​ specifically formulated for​ the​ treatment of​ this condition, called diaper dermatitis complicated by candidiasis (DDCC), in​ infants 4 weeks and​ older. Confirmation of​ DDCC is​ determined by microscopic evaluation for​ presence of​ pseudohyphae or​ budding yeast.

DDCC is​ a​ highly prevalent rash in​ infants that can cause great discomfort and​ distress. Typically, DDCC infections are characterized by a​ rash of​ bright red patches with irregular, raised borders and​ white scales on the​ surface. the​ main patches are often surrounded by smaller patches and​ painful sores or​ blisters.

Infants often get DDCC when their diapers chafe and​ break the​ surface of​ the​ skin, making it​ easier for​ microorganisms such as​ yeast to​ invade the​ skin. Other risk factors for​ DDCC include diarrhea, prolonged diaper rash, skin hygiene and​ the​ recent use of​ broad-spectrum antibiotics. the​ condition can occur anytime of​ year, but DDCC is​ often triggered in​ the​ winter months when the​ use of​ antibiotics commonly prescribed for​ illnesses such as​ ear infections is​ at​ its peak.

Treatment options have included the​ use of​ antifungal products, steroids and​ combination products that are not specifically approved for​ the​ treatment of​ DDCC or​ for​ use on infants.

"With Vusion™ Ointment now approved for​ the​ U.S. market, pediatricians and​ dermatologists can prescribe a​ treatment specifically meant for​ the​ condition that it​ was designed for​ and​ that is​ well tolerated for​ use on infants," said Dr. Mary Spraker, a​ pediatric dermatologist and​ associate professor in​ Emory University's Department of​ Dermatology, who assisted in​ the​ design of​ a​ Phase 3 clinical trial of​ the​ product. "Doctors are no longer reliant on prescribing antifungal agents intended for​ adults that have not been tested on children with DDCC."

Vusion™ Ointment was developed by Barrier Therapeutics, a​ Princeton, N.J.-based pharmaceutical company focused on the​ discovery, development and​ commercialization of​ products in​ the​ field of​ dermatology.

Tip Top Treatment For Baby Bottoms

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