Tip On Choosing A Boating tereo Systems

Tip On Choosing A Boating tereo Systems

By choosing a​ quality marine stereo system you can have a​ longer life and​ better performance from your boating stereo systems in​ a​ wet environment. the​ difference is​ to​ buy a​ stereo system that is​ coated to​ withstand moisture, salt, air and​ UV light. So how can you find the​ right boating stereo system for​ your boat? By following the​ next few tips.

First you need to​ consider any limitations such as​ the​ size and​ installation dimensions. This is​ especially important if​ you are replacing an​ existing stereo. Most marine stereos have their own DIN or​ dash installation size. This is​ typically seven inches wide and​ two inches high.

However, for​ some manufacturers these sizes will vary. if​ you have a​ stereo that you like which won't fit in​ your previous compartment then you can consider a​ gimbal mount. This allows you to​ mount the​ stereo under the​ dash or​ in​ any other location you prefer. Just make sure it​ is​ either covered or​ in​ a​ protected area to​ prevent damage due to​ spray or​ splash over.

Next you want to​ consider the​ power output. for​ a​ amplifier there are two different power measurements to​ use. the​ first is​ peak output, which is​ the​ maximum power that the​ amplifier can give in​ an​ instant. a​ quality system can produce up to​ forty or​ fifty peak watts of​ power per channel.

The second is​ RMS output. This is​ the​ average power than an​ amplifier can produce over time. a​ quality unit can produce between fifteen to​ twenty RMS watts per channel. for​ medium to​ small sized boats this is​ plenty of​ power to​ get good sound quality. for​ larger boats you don't necessarily need more power, but rather may want to​ add more speakers and​ amplifiers to​ cover a​ larger area.

Finally you want to​ consider the​ features offered by the​ stereo system. When it​ comes to​ the​ price of​ a​ stereo system it​ isn't really the​ power that make the​ influence, but rather it​ is​ the​ features. Consider some features you may want that will increase the​ price of​ your boating stereo systems.

The biggest difference is​ between weather resistant and​ waterproof. All types of​ marine stereos are weather resistant. a​ weather resistant system means you won't have corrosion due to​ a​ humid environment. Some weather resistant systems can also protect against UV exposure to​ the​ sun.

However, weather resistant units aren't the​ same as​ waterproof in​ the​ sense that water can get into the​ unit and​ damage it. if​ you plan on having your stereo somewhere that it​ will frequently get wet then you may want to​ spend the​ additional money for​ a​ waterproof unit.

Another added feature is​ that of​ the​ wireless or​ wired remote. Just keep in​ mind that most remotes are line of​ sight oriented which means a​ stereo in​ the​ cabin may not be controllable by remote when you are on deck. Some wireless remotes can work by pointing at​ speakers instead of​ the​ unit, which would work if​ you weren't within a​ line of​ sight for​ the​ unit. You should consider this before purchasing a​ marine stereo unit.

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