Timing Is Everything Especially With Travel Insurance

Timing Is Everything Especially With Travel Insurance

Timing is​ EverythingEspecially With Travel Insurance
Few things in​ life are as​ satisfying as​ a​ trip abroad,​ and most of​ us can hardly wait until we leave on​ our great adventure. Anticipation of​ things to​ come merely heightens our delight. Planning our trips is​ part of​ the​ enjoyment. Running around,​ buying our tickets,​ luggage,​ clothes and other items that we plan to​ take with us don't even seem like chores. Its not even painful to​ pay for these things because we know that soon well be exploring places weve never been before. However,​ there is​ one fly in​ this ointment,​ one more expense that wed rather not have because even though it​ costs us money,​ we receive no tangible benefit. What am I ​ talking about? Why,​ travel insurance,​ of​ course!!!
Is Buying Travel Insurance at​ the​ Last Moment Okay?
I don't know about you,​ but as​ far as​ Im concerned,​ paying for travel health insurance is​ not exactly my favorite way of​ spending money. Could it​ be because travel insurance is​ not exactly sexy? or​ is​ it​ because it​ just adds to​ the​ cost of​ an already expensive trip? Whatever the​ reason,​ Id rather not spend the​ bucks on​ travel insurance. However,​ because I ​ know that it​ really is​ a​ necessity,​ I ​ buy it. Nevertheless,​ I ​ tend to​ put off the​ purchase as​ long as​ possible because it​ still feels like an extra. Am doing myself a​ favor or​ not?
Are you​ a​ Gambler?
Is keeping my money in​ my pocket for as​ long as​ possible helping me or​ hurting me? By delaying my travel medical insurance purchase until the​ day I ​ leave,​ Im actually hurting myself. This is​ because Im actually gambling that nothing will happen to​ me before I ​ buy my insurance. Im betting that I ​ or​ someone in​ my family wont fall ill or​ get injured prior to​ departure. Also,​ if​ I ​ havent bought it​ and something bad does happen,​ I ​ wont have any insurance coverage and Ill be out of​ luck. Wouldnt I ​ be smarter to​ get my travel insurance ASAP in​ order to​ minimize my risk and maximize my potential benefits?
don't Lose Your PreExisting Condition Coverage
There is​ another reason to​ buy travel insurance without delay. Sometimes we make our travel arrangements in​ stages and don't book our flights at​ the​ same time. We travelers are eligible for preexisting medical condition exclusion waivers provided we buy our travel insurance from 7 to​ 21 days depending on​ the​ policy of​ making our arrangements. if​ we wait longer,​ we may not be eligible for those benefits,​ especially if​ a​ previously unknown health condition should materialize.
don't Wait to​ Finalize Everything Before Buying
Whenever I ​ have traveled,​ I ​ have known in​ advance what my plane tickets were going to​ cost,​ but what about you? Maybe youve made travel plans but have not yet bought your plane tickets. I ​ suggest that its a​ good idea to​ buy your travel insurance even if​ you​ havent bought your tickets because doing so will ensure that you​ will qualify for the​ preexisting condition exclusion waiver. if​ you​ don't know what your flight will cost,​ estimate the​ cost and include this figure in​ the​ total cost of​ your trip. Later,​ when you​ have purchased your flight tickets,​ you​ can advise the​ insurance company. That way you​ will not risk being ineligible for coverage for a​ medical conditions that crops up prior to​ departure.
What if​ Youve Already Left on​ Your Trip?
I happen to​ be one of​ the​ worlds greatest procrastinators. My motto is,​ Never do today what you​ can put off until tomorrow because you​ might get lucky and not have to​ do it​ at​ all! Maybe you,​ too,​ are a​ Great Procrastinator and you​ avoid buying travel insurance before you​ leave on​ your trip. What happens if​ you​ have delayed buying your travel insurance or​ expatriate insurance until AFTER your departure? Are you​ out of​ luck? Are you​ ineligible for insurance because you​ didnt buy it​ before you​ left home?
Fortunately,​ the​ good news is​ that,​ even if​ you​ decide to​ buy after departure,​ you​ are still eligible for insurance. if​ you​ can get access to​ the​ internet,​ both travel insurance and expatriate insurance can be found and purchased online,​ even after youve left on​ your trip or​ taken up residence abroad. as​ the​ old saying goes,​ Better late than never,​ especially in​ this case!
Can you​ Get Insurance for Someone Else Who Has Already Left?
Heres another scenario. What if​ there is​ an emergency and a​ family member including minors or​ a​ friend or​ employee has not bought travel insurance but has already left on​ their trip? Do they have to​ travel uninsured? the​ answer is​ no,​ they don't have to​ go without travel insurance. You,​ or​ someone else they designate,​ can go online and purchase travel insurance on​ their behalf. Its good to​ know that when friends,​ family or​ employees are too busy to​ get their own travel insurance,​ they don't have to​ go without it.
In this case,​ all you​ need to​ do is​ fill out an online application and make the​ required online payment. Youll get instant confirmation and can even print out a​ copy of​ the​ policy. There is​ one cautionary note though. if​ youre purchasing travel insurance on​ behalf of​ a​ minor,​ youll first have to​ register as​ an adult in​ order to​ get the​ insurance. it​ is​ also important to​ note that they will not be eligible for coverage for preexisting medical conditions that occur during the​ trip after departure and prior to​ purchasing their insurance. This is​ merely another reason why purchasing travel insurance should not be delayed.
In the​ World of​ Travel Insurance,​ Timing Definitely IS Everything
Timing is​ everything,​ they say. Purchasing travel or​ expatriate insurance was probably not on​ the​ mind of​ whoever coined that phrase. Nevertheless,​ those words apply as​ much to​ buying travel insurance as​ they do to​ anything else. Given the​ potential for financial ruin if​ youre not insured,​ the​ time to​ buy yours is​ before you​ need it​ because buying it​ after you​ need it​ is​ impossible and much too late. Learn from the​ Great Procrastinator and get the​ insurance you​ need before you​ need it.

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