Tiffany Dows Social Networking On Squidoo Review

Tiffany Dows Social Networking On Squidoo Review

A Soup to​ Nuts Approach to​ Socializing On Squidoo -- From Setting Up a​ Free Account to​ Maximizing the​ Amount of​ Laser Targeted Traffic Your Modules Will Bring.

With the​ popularity of​ social networking sites exploding. it​ was refreshing to​ find one like Squidoo. Unlike MySpace, you can actively promote just about anything you'd like and​ not have to​ concern yourself with issues such as​ being a​ spammer or​ having your site shut down because some pimply face kid decided he or​ she didn't like what you were about.

Squidoo is​ a​ "Marketers Paradise" which is​ still in​ it's infancy. it​ has the​ potential of​ making alot of​ people alot of​ money.

In her ebook Tiffany Dow makes simple and​ easy work for​ anyone that is​ looking to​ set up a​ new lens on Squidoo. a​ quick and​ easy read.

I was impressed with her no hype, no filler approach to​ what one needs to​ do and​ will have the​ reader setting up their new lens in​ record time without any details that could confuse or​ frustrate the​ new lensemaster.

In this book you will learn:

* How to​ speak the​ Squidoo language.

* How to​ launch a​ new lense that's meant to​ attract attention.

* How to​ aim your lense at​ your target audience.

* How to​ get a​ Top 100 LensRank and​ bump up in​ the​ SERPS.

* How to​ nail down your niche within Squidoo.

* Everything new about Sqidoo -- Changes that will impact your socialization strategy.

It's a​ quick and​ clear read that spans six chapters and​ just forty seven pages. When finished you'll know exactly what to​ do and​ how to​ do it. I was totally impressed with her simple approach to​ details that normally would be percieved as​ confusing.

Don't let the​ length of​ this ebook or​ the​ cost determine it's value. It's a​ steal at​ any price and​ it's value immeasurable.

In addition, for​ those that may be learning challenged, she has thrown in​ a​ step by step video that is​ sure to​ remove any mystery or​ confusion.

She also throws in​ the​ Multi-Layered Mindset of​ Web 2.0 as​ a​ bonus. She says, "It's not a​ buzzword or​ mysterious new advertising tactic - It's about raising your strategic planning to​ a​ level that matches the​ evolution of​ the​ World Wide Web".

Web 2.0 is​ another evolution of​ the​ Internet and​ it's all about the​ people. a​ must read!

All in​ all I found Tiffany's Ebook "Social Networking On Squidoo" to​ be an​ informative and​ useful approach for​ anyone that wants to​ broaden their marketing strategies, making common sense use of​ the​ Social Networking site known as​ "Squidoo"

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