Thrift Store Shopping Tips

Thrift Store Shopping Tips

If you are tired of​ seeing the​ same old clothing styles at​ mall department stores and​ boutiques, it​ may be time to​ add a​ little spice to​ your wardrobe. Rather than looking just like everyone else, thrift stores offer access to​ unique items not found anywhere else- at​ least not in​ the​ last twenty or​ so years! Not only are thrift store clothes relatively inexpensive, but they can also be ultra hip. if​ you approach it​ the​ right way, you may be able to​ create your very own personal style by mixing the​ old and​ the​ new.

When you first decide to​ embark on a​ thrift store shopping spree, there are a​ few things to​ remember. Firstly, a​ lot of​ thrift stores only take cash, so if​ you are used to​ grabbing Daddy’s credit card and​ going to​ town, you’ll have to​ make other arrangements. Some stores do take checks, so you might want to​ have your checkbook handy. Secondly, a​ lot of​ thrift stores do not have dressing rooms, so you’ll probably want to​ wear a​ light t-shirt so you can try on your finds right where you find them. and​ most importantly, you are probably not going to​ find anything that fits you absolutely perfectly. You can’t go in​ looking for​ “your size.” You will have to​ try on what looks promising and​ see if​ you can alter it​ in​ any way if​ needed.

Believe it​ or​ not, thrift stores in​ the​ hippest parts of​ town generally have the​ least hip clothes. This is​ because there are hundreds of​ people just like you who are picking through their stock of​ wearable items every day. if​ you want to​ find authentic vintage clothing at​ inexpensive prices, you’ll have to​ drive to​ the​ most uncool parts of​ town. This could mean the​ suburbs, and​ it​ could mean farmland, depending on where you are located. You will find, however, that it​ is​ well worth the​ drive, and​ that your treasure is​ definitely another woman’s trash.

Shirts are typically the​ easiest items to​ find at​ thrift stores, because they allow more flexibility in​ the​ fitting department. You can find some excellent western shirts in​ rural areas, and​ there are always witty t-shirts on the​ little boy’s racks. if​ you are looking for​ a​ good pair of​ jeans, however, you might want to​ check the​ men’s section. Thrift stores typically stock a​ plethora of​ pleated-front tapered-leg acid-washed jeans in​ the​ ladies section, so you will rarely find anything cool on those racks. However, the​ men’s section can be filled with surprisingly girlish slacks in​ interesting colors and​ textures. There have also been known to​ be great pairs of​ vintage Levi’s hanging in​ the​ men’s racks.

If vintage dresses are your think, you will have a​ field-day going through the​ strange fashions of​ yesteryear that you will find in​ any thrift store. Once you make your way past the​ obnoxious flowery Sunday dresses and​ the​ strange lime green pleated skirts, you may find one or​ two keepers. Don’t give up until you looked at​ the​ last one, because chances are there will be a​ diamond in​ the​ rough there just waiting for​ a​ little nip and​ tuck from your sewing machine.

Thrift stores are also an​ excellent place to​ find work clothes for​ a​ job interview or​ a​ new office job. if​ you’d rather save your money for​ more fun items, you can always replenish your work wardrobe with some inexpensive black skirts and​ dress shirts from the​ local Salvation Army or​ Goodwill. Work people will never know that your new suit only cost you five bucks. They’ll just be happy that you’re not wearing your favorite club get-up to​ the​ important meeting again.

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