Three Steps In Applying A Face Tanning Lotion

Three Steps In Applying A Face Tanning Lotion

A sunless tanning lotion is​ the​ one you apply all over your body to​ produce a​ darker skin color. However, note that when it​ comes to​ the​ face, you cannot apply the​ same one that you have applied on the​ other parts of​ your body. When it​ comes to​ tanning the​ face, you should apply the​ face tanning lotion.

The face tanning lotion is​ the​ one specifically designed for​ your face because it​ offers the​ essential nutrients that your face needs. for​ one, it​ contains nutrients that maintain the​ health of​ your skin and​ the​ proper moisturising ingredients. Hence, the​ face tanning lotion is​ not out of​ the​ question when you consider tanning your whole body. to​ properly put on the​ face tanning lotion, here are three steps that you should follow:

To properly apply a​ face tanning lotion, you should check if​ your face does not contain any traces of​ makeup, face powder or​ any other cosmetics. if​ you still have some, remove them with a​ makeup remover. Afterwards, do not forget to​ exfoliate your face. Exfoliation leaves the​ face perfectly refreshed and​ clean.

Should you want a​ more moisturized feel, you can mix a​ light moisturizing face lotion with the​ face tanning lotion. However, make sure that the​ moisturizer is​ only mixed in​ small amounts as​ it​ can affect the​ results of​ the​ tan. Big amounts of​ moisturizer can affect the​ concentration of​ the​ face tanning lotion, and​ thereby make your face appear significantly lighter than the​ rest of​ your body.

The next step is​ to​ properly apply the​ face tanning lotion. the​ face is​ the​ hardest one to​ apply, and​ the​ one that needs most attention. With this, you have to​ make sure that the​ tanner is​ applied evenly throughout your face. Use your fingers to​ rub circular motions on your face and​ neck, but make sure to​ not run your fingers across the​ eyebrows and​ the​ lips. to​ address this, use a​ cotton swab to​ apply the​ skin near the​ lip and​ eyebrow line.

Applying the​ face tanning lotion on moles and​ freckles can make them appear darker. it​ might be impossible to​ avoid every single mole or​ freckle, but you might want to​ at​ least minimize the​ effect on the​ larger ones. Hence, use cotton swabs to​ avoid the​ large moles and​ freckles.

Lastly, some of​ the​ tricky parts of​ the​ face involve the​ back of​ the​ head and​ ears. Make sure that your hair is​ fixed upwards through a​ ponytail or​ a​ shower cap. You might want to​ ask a​ friend to​ apply the​ face tanning lotion at​ the​ back of​ your ears and​ neck.

These three steps can bring out the​ best results when followed religiously. So, after you have perfectly applied the​ tanning lotions to​ your face and​ body, head outside and​ show-off that flawless, sun-kissed tan!

Three Steps In Applying A Face Tanning Lotion

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