Three Proven Ways To Save Thousands When Selling Your Home

Three Proven Ways to​ Save Thousands When Selling Your Home
It's exciting .​
It's stressful .​
It's expensive .​
Selling your home sends you​ through a​ whirlwind of​ emotions .​
From the​ excitement of​ moving to​ your new residence to​ the​ frustration of​ knowing you'll pay thousands in​ real estate listing commissions,​ the​ journey can often feel like a​ roller-coaster ride .​
There are ways to​ get discount real estate fees,​ however,​ without negotiating or​ haggling .​
Flat Fee
Many discount real estate offices are moving toward a​ flat fee listing commission structure .​
According to​ recent and Wall Street Journal reports,​ this allows a​ seller to​ have his/her property listed in​ the​ Multiple Listings Service (MLS) database for a​ flat fee of​ around $500 .​
Professional agents are then able to​ see the​ home listed in​ the​ MLS and have the​ option to​ show and sell the​ property at​ another discount .​
Real estate listing commissions for sales that result from discount Realtors'® listings run about 3% as​ opposed to​ the​ standard 6% in​ addition to​ the​ flat fee of​ $500.
These are not always full-service agencies,​ so be sure to​ ask what you'll receive for your investment .​
Depending on​ the​ services offered by the​ discount real estate office,​ this could save you​ several hundred dollars on​ traditional listing commission fees .​
Talk with local discount Realtors® in​ your area to​ see what is​ available and the​ stipulations involved.
Single Fee Transaction
A new concept in​ real estate sales,​ single fee transaction,​ allows a​ seller to​ pay no listing commissions on​ the​ sale of​ their property provided they agree to​ purchase their new home through the​ same real estate franchise .​
you​ pay a​ single fee for both transactions.
Full-service agencies offer the​ traditional types of​ assistance that sellers would expect from a​ typical real estate office .​
These services include conducting open houses,​ running advertisements in​ local real estate magazines and newspapers,​ listing your home in​ the​ MLS database,​ assessing current values,​ giving professional advice and more .​

As reported in​ the​ Tucson Citizen,​ these types of​ discount real estate franchise offices do charge a​ listing fee .​
They retain and pay the​ buyer's agent (if applicable) half .​
However,​ when the​ home seller purchases a​ new residence through the​ same Realtor®,​ the​ other half of​ the​ original listing commission is​ refunded .​
the​ Realtor® of​ a​ single fee transaction franchise makes his/her commission on​ the​ purchase of​ the​ new home .​
This can save a​ seller thousands of​ dollars in​ fees .​
Single fee transaction is​ a​ new concept .​
It has not yet expanded nationwide,​ so you'll need to​ check your area for availability of​ these types of​ real estate franchises .​

For Sale By Owner (FSBO)
This is​ the​ ultimate in​ discount real estate fees because you​ pay none .​
Many homeowners don't realize that the​ use of​ a​ Realtor® is​ not legally mandated for home purchases or​ sales .​
An attorney can process the​ needed legal documents and filings to​ record your transaction .​

An agent from a​ local real estate office traditionally becomes involved for his/her ability to​ market your home effectively .​
However,​ for those able to​ devote the​ time and money needed to​ sell a​ home,​ doing it​ yourself is​ an​ exceptional way to​ proceed .​

Do some research before deciding .​
Total the​ estimated number of​ hours you'll spend on​ the​ various duties required to​ sell a​ home,​ then multiply the​ total by your salary (broken down into hourly increments) .​
Then total the​ amount of​ money you'll spend on​ magazine and newspaper advertising,​ yard signage,​ mileage and other expenses .​
If the​ total of​ both is​ less than the​ amount of​ fees your Realtor® quoted,​ you'll know the​ FSBO method is​ the​ better bargain for you.
If you're looking to​ sell your home,​ don't assume you​ are forced to​ pay a​ 5% or​ 6% listing fee .​
you​ do have options .​
a​ little research online can lead you​ to​ effective ways to​ sell your home for its maximum price while still saving money on​ listing fees.

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