Three Keys To Amassing Wealth On An Abrahamic Scale

Three Keys To Amassing Wealth On An Abrahamic Scale

There are three simple verses in​ Proverbs which go “against the​ grain” as​ far as​ this worlds economic system is​ concerned. We must heed these three simple verses and​ act on them if​ we want to​ amass wealth on an​ Abrahamic scale.

Prov 11:24-26
24There is​ that scattereth, and​ yet increaseth; and​ there is​ that withholdeth more than is​ meet, but it​ tendeth to​ poverty.
25The liberal soul shall be made fat: and​ he that watereth shall be watered also himself.
26He that withholdeth corn, the​ people shall curse him: but blessing shall be upon the​ head of​ him that selleth it. (KJV)

The above Scriptures show the​ activities of​ the​ man whom God prospers. in​ other words, there are some things we must do to​ come into Abrahamic prosperity.

First, we must learn to​ scatter. This means we must give away (to God and​ to​ others) a​ portion of​ what we possess and​ earn. This will cause us to​ increase.

Second, we must not withhold more than we should according to​ God’s laws of​ increase. This is​ the​ opposite of​ what we have been taught all our life. This is​ what makes sense to​ our human mind, i.e., “we must save, save, save” in​ order to​ get ahead.

But notice God’s way. He said this “tends to​ poverty!” for​ these who fail to​ give as​ they should, even the​ people around them curse them.

Third, God promises two things to​ the​ liberal soul who scatters and​ waters according to​ His Abrahamic law of​ Increase. (1) He promises to​ make him fat. (2) He promises to​ give him ample water.

These two things mean that God assumes responsibility for​ the​ accumulation of​ wealth for​ those who follow His simple prescription above. in​ other words, follow these three rules and​ you do not have to​ worry about wealth again. God will see to​ it. He promised.

There is​ another thing in​ the​ above Scriptures. When we scatter to​ the​ needy, God causes blessing to​ come to​ those who release the​ corn they need. Blessing always includes healing, prosperity, family well being as​ well as​ salvation for​ the​ Abrahamic Seed Group.

Consequently, a​ saved person that distributes "corn" to​ the​ needy, can expect to​ possess healing, prosperity, and​ well being for​ his family in​ addition to​ his salvation.

You see, "bless" translates a​ Hebrew word that means "the beneficial endowment of​ God's power to​ produce well-being in​ every area of​ a​ person's life." in​ the​ Abrahamic covenant, this word "bless" contains healing, prosperity, family well being in​ addition to​ salvation.

Do you need a​ financial blessing? Do you need healing? Do you need family wellness? Distribute your corn to​ the​ poor. This doesn't make sense according to​ the​ world's economic system. Nevertheless, it​ is​ the​ miracle working power of​ God according to​ heaven's economic system.

Scatter! Be liberal! Distribute the​ corn! These three things unlock heaven's prosperity laws. They also contain healing, and​ family well being as​ well as​ prosperity.

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